Why So Serious? 6 Wonder Herbs To Calm Your Senses

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If you are a part of the urban working-Indian population, chances are that you are stressed, worried, anxious and uneasy about all things around you. While there are certain things  that are not in your control and are bound to you cause stress, there are many other things that are in your control. One such thing is combating stress with the use of safe, healthy and easily available herbs.

The use of herbs for fighting stress is a known fact across all the cultures throughout the world. Recently, studies have also shown that there are many herbs that are packed with stress fighting and relaxing ingredients. Here are few such herbs that you can try to help you combat stress:

1 . Ashwagandha

Also known as winter cherry, the roots of ashwagandha contain flavonoids and many active ingredients that help fight stress and anxiety. Ashwagandha improves sleep by relaxing the nerves. It also reduces inflammation and is rich in anti-oxidants. It is available in the form of dried herbs or capsules. About 1-2 capsules per day equivalent to 10 grams should see you through the worst days.

2 . Chamomile

This herb has been used for centuries for its calming and stress relieving properties. It has mild sedative effect and can help people with disturbed sleep. It is available as tea as well as supplements. It is best to have it post dinner to ease your mind and calm your nerves.

3 . Lavender

Lavender is known to reduce irritability and anxiety, promote a sense of relaxation and induce sleep.You can have lavender in the form of tea during daytime. Or else use it as an essential oil. Add a few drops to your diffuser at bedtime or spray one puff to your pillow and let your senses calm while you enjoy a sound sleep.

4 . Tulsi

This plant is as versatile as it gets. It has been in use for over 5000 years in India. Have 10-12 raw tulsi leaves in the morning. It relieves stress, is good for the heart, lowers blood sugar levels and spikes energy. The best part is that the plant is present in every Indian household.You can also add a few leaves to your daily cuppa.

5 . Elaichi

Elaichi or cardamom  is a spice that strikes as being distinctly Indian. It is anti-oxidant rich and relieves stress and anxiety, is great for the brain and is known to improve blood circulation. Chewing on raw ones fills the mouth with a fresh feeling that is long-lasting. Its use in preparing curries and spiced tea is prevalent. Limit consumption to a maximum of two pods a day as elaichi is known to raise body temperature.

6 . Garlic

This well-known herb’s use is extensive in Indian cooking. It is savored in almost all parts of the country in various forms – raw, grated, pickled and even dried. Garlic is rich in antioxidants and a known stress reliever among researchers. If you are not using it yet, high time you start. The flavor is very potent yet it can be used in almost any recipe. Do not worry about the quantity and use it daily.

Other than these herbs and spices, black pepper, turmeric and pudina leaves have also shown stress-relieving qualities in abundance. You probably are already using one or more of these in your daily diets. So, go ahead and give these herbs a try and enjoy a stress free and happy life. Stay Healthy, stay Happy!

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