7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Methi Seeds

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Methi or fenugreek is a common ingredient in every Indian kitchen. Owing to its strong aroma and rich taste, methi is a favorite when it comes to adding flavour and that extra punch to the dishes.The tiny bitter seeds of methi are used for everything from curries to paranthas. But, did you know that both the seeds and leaves are packed with goodness which makes them a must for your healthy diet regimen.


Methi leaves as well as seeds are a rich source of fiber, minerals, vitamins, and phyto-nutrients. They are a great sources of minerals like copper, potassium, calcium, iron, selenium, zinc, manganese, and magnesium. Both the leaves and the seeds are found through the year and while the leaves wilt rather quickly, the seeds have a fair shelf life.


Here are some amazing health benefits of Methi seeds and leaves:

1 . Relieve Acidity

Methi can be used to get rid of heart-burn and acid reflux which renders you so helpless. The mucilage in methi seeds helps to soothe stomach inflammation while providing a protective coating for your stomach and intestinal lining.  You can soak a teaspoon of methi in water overnight and have it first thing in the morning to give your body the benefit of fiber and also keep any stomach ailments at bay throughout the day

2 . Control Cholesterol

Due to the presence of saponins, methi can reduce the body’s absorption of cholesterol from fatty foods. Studies have also shown that methi can be used to regress existing cholesterol gallstones.

3 . Regulate Blood Sugar

Due the presence of natural fiber galactomannan, methi helps to cut down the rate at which sugar is absorbed into bloodstream.This is a must have spice for diabetic patients hoping to keep their sugar levels to a minimum.

4 . Relieve Constipation

Methi can add bulk to the stool due to its fibre content and slimy texture when dissolved. So use methi everday to cure constipation and minor stomach related disorders

5 . Make Hair Lustrous

 Dried and crushed methi when made into a paste and applied regularly to the scalp before a bath may helps reduce dandruff and adds a silky touch to your hair

6 . Enhance Breast Milk Production

Since olden times, methi seeds are known to be useful for new mothers. It is a herbal galactagogue which increases milk production in women. Research has shown that intake of herbal tea with methi seeds can also facilitate infant weight for toddlers who are underweight. You can also add methi seeds to cereals and wheat flour (bread) for lactating mothers.

7 . Prevent Cancer

Methi seeds are known for saponins and mucilage which helps the body get rid of toxins and prevent colon mucus membrane from cancer

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Methi is not only used in Asia but even in countries like Egypt where methi was one of the ingredients found in the Egyptian tombs. So pick that jar of the tiny methi seeds from your kitchen and use it in your food to start your day, the healthy way. Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy!

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