Say No To Dental Caries With These Healthy Foods

Say No To Dental Caries With These Healthy Foods

A smile is the reflection of your soul. Yet we do little or nothing to take care of our teeth. We think that till we are brushing our teeth daily we are doing our part. We go about our day eating things that we like without any regard to our teeth. We are what we eat, and this holds true for our teeth too.

What is good for your teeth?

Milk is not only beneficial for your bones but also for your teeth. The calcium in milk helps in increasing the strength of the teeth. Enamel, the outermost covering of teeth is made of calcium, and milk helps in repairing it. Moreover, it helps in maintaining the pH of the mouth, making the oral cavity unfavourable for development of dental caries.

Apples are rich in fibre. Due to their high fibre content, they act as a natural toothbrush and help in removing stains and plaque from the teeth. They also scrub the tooth, gums and tongue, helping in increasing the blood circulation and removing the debris from the oral cavity. An apple a day will surely keep the dentist away.

Green Tea:
Green controls the bacterial growth and reduces the acidity of the oral cavity. They are rich in antioxidants, this helps in preventing dental caries and maintaining oral health. A recent study found out that people who drink green tea have a lower risk of developing bleeding gums and tooth decay. So green tea not only helps you to lose weight but also have healthy teeth!

Cheese and Yogurt:
Fermented dairy products like cheese and yoghurt are alkaline in nature, which means they can neutralize the acidity of saliva. This lowers the risk of dental caries. Also, cheese releases certain chemicals when consumed which form a protective layer on your teeth, preventing your enamel from decaying. Eating cheese and unsweetened yoghurt is not only good for your health but your teeth too!

Green Vegetables:
Green leafy vegetables are high in fibre which act as a natural toothbrush, scraping off debris and plaque away. They are also rich in vitamin A and C which helps in maintaining the health of our gums. Vitamin A helps in repairing of the gums and Vitamin C helps in keeping the gums from bleeding.

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Like green leafy vegetables, carrots also have high fibre content. Eating carrots at the end of a meal not only removes the debris but also promote salivation which protects your teeth against cavities. They are also an excellent source of Vitamin A which prevents your teeth from decaying.

Whole Grains:
Whole grains or unrefined flours are those which haven’t been sifted to remove bran from the. When grains are refined, they have a few nutrients and fibers sifted out of them. They stick to the teeth and promote bacterial growth. Eating whole grains is a healthier option since it doesn’t stick and is rich in nutrients like vitamin B and iron.

Fishes are a rich source of Vitamin D. Vitamin D helps our body to absorb calcium which is a building block of enamel. Another important mineral that helps in strengthening enamel is phosphorus, which is found in abundance in fish.

Eggs have long been blamed to be high in cholesterol, but they are also high in Vitamin D. When eaten in moderation eggs are an excellent source of vitamin D making them good for your teeth and health.

Artificial Sweeteners:
Sugar is the main culprit behind tooth decay. When consumed, sugar sticks to the surface of the teeth and promotes bacterial growth. Using artificial sweeteners like xylitol or sorbitol as a replacement reduces the chances of having dental caries.

Your diet can define your smile, take care of it with the right foods!

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