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Not Brushing Properly? You Could Get A Heart Attack.


Do you know the health of your gums can determine the health of your heart? According to studies, the bacteria found in infected gums can spread to your heart and cause heart diseases. People with gum diseases are twice as likely to get cardiovascular diseases than people with good oral health. Given the increase in the number of heart diseases in India, the link between oral and heart health is of utmost importance.

What does your tongue tell about you


“Like a rudder steers a ship, your tongue steers your life”
Without our tongue we would struggle to eat or speak, but do you know your tongue can also tell you a lot about your health? The color of your tongue is a reflection of your health and can tell you what is going on with your body. A normal tongue is pink in color with small bumps called papillae over it. The papillae are the taste buds responsible for all the sensory action. Any deviation from this appearance means your tongue is trying to tell you that something is wrong with your body.