Inadequate Sleep Could Lead To Excessive Weight Gain In Children!

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Inadequate sleep may be a reason for your child to munch on excessive calories, leading to weight gain, suggests a study.

-In a recent study conducted by University of Colorado, preschoolers (aged below 5 years) who were sleep deprived, were found to consume more calories.

-The study suggested that sleep deprived preschoolers consumed 20% more calories, 25% more sugar and 26% more carbohydrates above their usual calorie intake.

-When the next day, the same set of kids were allowed to take adequate sleep, their calorie consumption was relatively lesser than the previous day, though the calorie consumption was still higher than their usual intake (14% more calories and 23% more fat).

-Researchers are of the opinion that lack of sleep directly was associated with weight gain in the preschoolers.

-Findings were published in the Journal of Sleep Research

Source: Journal of Sleep Research

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