No Child Should Ever Be Given Cough Syrup; Expert: 1mg News Digest

No Child Should Ever Be Given Cough Syrup; Expert 

1. Prefer energy drinks over coffee? You may have to think twice

Teenagers and adults who consume energy drinks may suffer from rapid heartbeat, nausea and seizures, the study warned.

Source: Zee News

2. No child should ever be given cough syrup: Expert

In the wake of the high-grade fever and cough affecting a very large number of children in the city, an expert has given a call to every counterpart not to prescribe any cough syrup to any child at all.

Source: Times of India

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3. 6 Reasons why you should be eating fish

Apart from being delectable, fish is one of the healthiest and easiest items to cook. Have a look at some of the amazing health benefits of eating fish.


4. Traditional south Indian medicine keeps dengue, chikungunya at bay: Study

Two Siddha medicines, commonly used in south India can prevent the dengue virus from replicating and the chikungunya virus from entering the body, resulting in no or very mild symptoms, according to a study by scientists from New Delhi’s International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB)

Source: Hindustan Times

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