“Diet Foods” Could Be Keeping You Away From Losing Weight, Study Reveals

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“Diet foods” that are sugar-laden could be a possible reason for you to not lose those extra pounds, recent study suggests 

-A recent study, conducted by the University of Georgia, was focused on evaluating whether “diet foods” could help to manage the human body weight.

-In the study, one group consumed a diet high in fat and sugar, another group consumed a low-fat and high-sugar diet and the third group was given a balanced or “normal” diet.

-For a period of four weeks, the researchers monitored the body weight, calorie intake, body composition and fecal samples of the rat under evaluation.

-It was observed that both the groups consuming low-fat, high-sugar and high-fat, high sugar diets displayed an increase in the liver fat. Upon being compared with the group consuming a balanced diet, a significant increase in the body weight and body fat was also observed.

-As per the study, rats fed with low-fat and high-sugar diet required less than half the number of calories to generate the same amount of body fat.

-The study also suggested that an “unbalanced diet” decreased the microbiome’s bacterial diversity, and the low-fat, high-sugar diet increased gut bacteria that are associated with liver damage.

Source: University of Georgia 

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