Happy New Year: Tips To Stay Healthy During Festive Season

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Christmas and New Year is around the corner and all the celebrations have already begun. You can smell all the delicious sweets and savories ready to be served for the festive season. As you are all geared up to visit your friends and relatives and ring in the festival and new year with a bang, think twice before you dig in the platter. The wide range of sweets and festivities can make it difficult not only for kids but also for adults to keep a tab on their eating habits. 

Right from marzipans, cakes, chocolates and guava cheese to biryanis and drinks, there is a lot to enjoy this party season. But do not let your feast ruin your new year as sweets loaded with sugars, booze all night and savouries dripping in oil can take a toll on your health. So here we bring you a few simple tips and tricks that can help you as well as your family to have a fun-filled Christmas and new year.

Tips For A Healthy And Happy Christmas & New Year

Eat before you go for a party or treat. This can not only help you to keep your hunger pangs at bay but also help you to avoid overeating during the festive celebrations. Because given the variety of dishes at display at the party there is a high chance that you may go overboard. This in turn may not only ruin your celebrations but also put your health at risk.

Learn to say “no” or “later” instead of filling your stomach with everything at a party and suffering later. Do not feel guilty of turning down a drink or a cake loaded with sugar as it can wreak havoc with your sugar levels and make things worse both for you and your family. The rule applies only to sugary foods and not to healthy alternatives such as mixed fruit or vegetable salad and low-fat yoghurt.

Eat slowly and smartly. Do not dig in the moment you see scrumptious meal laid before you. The best way to enjoy is to eat small portions of food and eat slowly so that you savor every flavour and enjoy each dish. This not only helps you to get the best experience but also keep you off from taking another serving and prevent you from unhealthy binging.

Cut down on deserts. It goes without saying that Christmas deserts are packed with simple sugars, saturated fats and empty calories which can cause a significant impact on your blood glucose level. This can also impact your weight and lead to weight gain. So why not cut down on sweets completely this season as it better to be safe than sorry?  

Check your drinks. Christmas and New Year celebrations are incomplete with cocktails and mocktails. However, what goes missing is the fact that these drinks not only up your caloric intake but also make you tipsy. Also, excessive intake of soft drinks and sweetened beverages can only increase your overall sugar load. So choose your drinks wisely and stay hydrated to beat hangover.

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Move more often than not. Instead of eating and chatting, this festive season makes sure you get your daily dose of physical activity. If the celebrations are leaving no time to hit the gym, then a simple stroll after meals or going for a morning walk can help you keep going during the festivities. Working out at home is not a bad idea to burn calories. Also, dancing your way out at parties or participating in household chores like cleaning and cooking can also help you burn calories.

Choose healthier foods. As festivities call for processed foods and deserts, we tend to limit our intake of healthy foods which is not a good idea. Make sure you eat your meals on time and load your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. Focus more on foods rich in fibre, proteins, and complex carbs. Foods low in carbs and high in fibre can keep you full for a long time and control your overall sugar intake.

Beat your cravings. The sight of a plum cake or a chocolate cake is making you go weak or if you can’t resist the spicy chicken lollipop, then instead of walking towards them, walk away. It might sound a bit weird but that is only the option to help overcome your cravings. If you fail so do so, then make sure you eat only a small, bite-sized portion of that pie or cake. Also, remember to indulge only on the D-day and not throughout the festive season to stay healthy.

Go for a health check-up. It is always a good idea to consult your doctor and get your regular health check-up done before you visit your friends and relatives for the festivities. A health check-up can act as a screening tool to know how your sugar levels are faring (if you are a diabetic), how well your blood pressure is regulated (if you are a hypertensive) and if your cholesterol levels are well under control (for people with health disease).

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Christmas and New Year is that time of the year where we all are early awaiting to welcome the new year and enjoy the festivities to the T. But a simple mistake of not keeping an eye on your health during the festive season can ruin all the fun and frolic. So make sure you enjoy the festival and party hard this season by keeping these simple tips in mind. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

(The article is reviewed by Dr. Swati Mishra, Medical Editor)

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