7 Ways To Avoid Weight Gain This Winter Season


Weight gain is extremely common during winter months due to several reasons such as an age old tradition of preparing winter foods, that are high in calories. With an intent to insulate the body to endure the winter winds, we happen to have alot of them. Alongside, it also brings year-end festivities where we eat drink and be merry.

Ways To Avoid Weight Gain This Winter

So here are 5 ways to avoid gaining weight this winter.

1 . Opt For Vegetable Soups 

-Hot chocolates, flavoured coffees and tea high in sugar are the common ways to welcome the winters. Surprisingly, a medium cup of coffee contains over 300 calories. Limit your consumption of hot beverages and instead opt for vegetable soups and herbal drinks.

2 . Avoid Excessive Alcohol 

-Alcohol during the festive season is another culprit causing weight gain, mixing alcohol with carbonated drinks, or opting for sweet cocktails increases your calorie intake. Switch to red or white wine. Use soda or water with a dash of juice as a mixer.

3 . Increase Protein intake

-We tend to cook and eat fat rich food in the winters to protect us from the cold, instead increase your protein intake for a healthier winter diet. Protein helps develop healthy muscle, it also gives a feel of satiety. Increase intake of eggs, roasted meats, beans and lentils this winter to maintain a healthy weight.

4 . Watch The Sweets

-Gajaks, halwa, laddoos, and wedding mithais, all an integral part of winters in India, significantly contribute towards your growing waistline grow. Eat small small portions instead of binge eating.

5 . Add Fruits And Greens 

-Winter also brings along with it several greens and fruits. Add fruits and low sugar variants to your winter diet. Also watch your consumption of carbs such as potatoes, cakes, cookies and other refined sugars as these spike blood sugar levels.

6 . Don’t Skip The Exercise

-It’s easier to skip the morning walks in winter, when chosen over the warm bed. Exercise doesn’t just help keep the weight low, but also make you more active.

-In excessive cold, switch to indoor exercises such as lunges, squats, stretches etc. can help keep winter weight down. Try instructional dance or exercise videos, walk up stairs at work or opt for an afternoon walk after lunch for your daily quota of activity.

7 . Snack Healthy Before A Party

-Snack on something before leaving the house for a party. Eating a fibre rich snack such a salad or fresh fruits before a party will ensure that you feel full for longer and eat less while at the party.

-Studies show that we consume as much as 40% more calories when eating outside due the large variety available.

So, go ahead and try these effective ways to keep away those extra kilos this winter season. Eat Healthy, Stay Happy!

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