Not Sunflower, Heard About Safflower? Here Is Why You Should!

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Also known as false saffron, safflower is a member of the thistle family.  Safflower seeds are the main source of vegetable safflower oil and a rich source of Omega 9 and Omega 6.  Since safflower oil has no smell or taste, it has replaced regular sunflower seed oil in cooking.  Most of the safflower seed production goes into making the oil, but a small part is sold as food supplements.  Dried or powder safflower flowers are used as a culinary spice also.

The following 6 health benefits of Safflower Seeds have stood out:

1 . Improve Muscle Tone And Memory

In addition to ensuring good energy levels, safflower seeds help promote muscle tone, improve memory and concentration, protect the cell of the nervous system and support immunity Safflower seeds are an excellent source of thiamine, pyridoxine and folate.

2 . Prevent Anemia

Safflower seeds are excellent in preventing  anaemia, headaches and irritability. They also support muscle health, heart health and increase calcium absorption in bones. The seeds also support and promote strong teeth and bones.

3 . Relieve Period Cramps

Safflower seeds can be of great help in painful menstruation which is a very common problem in females especially during young age. You can make a decoction of boiling 2 teaspoon of safflower seeds in 120 ml of water.  Drink this decoction twice daily before or during your periods. Safflower seeds should not be used during if pregnancy.

4 . Boost Sexual Health

An important benefit of safflower seeds is that they act as natural aphrodisiacs and help with erectile dysfunction. Men can take 1 teaspoon powdered safflower seeds in a glass of milk with 1 teaspoon almond powder.  For sweetness, honey is preferred over sugar as honey also aids in sexual health.

5 . Relieve Chest Congestion

Safflower seeds are highly beneficial for relieving symptoms of asthma like chest congestion and shortness of breath. The seeds help in clearing mucous owing to their expectorant properties. Mix half a teaspoon of powdered safflower seeds in one teaspoon honey and take twice daily for effective results.

6 . Improve Skin Health

Safflower seed oil is rich in Vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids – two important compounds for skin and hair. The oil obtained from safflower seeds can be rubbed directly on nails to stimulate and moisturize the skin around the nails.  It can also be applied onto the scalp to repair damaged hair and to give it a healthy shine.

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