Do You Get Angry Too Often? Try These Powerful Tips To Manage It Better!

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Anger is a common emotion that can sometimes occur most unexpectedly. A small incident can trigger off a bout of rage and lead to a slew of other emotions, responses, and physiological changes. These changes are detrimental to your mental and physical health. So, what can you do differently? What can make you deal with anger better? If you have asked these questions before, here are some thoughts as to how we can deal with this problem:

1 . Observe your anger

Your anger arises from somewhere. It is usually a trigger from something that disturbs you, hurts you, scares you, disappoints you or leads to some unpleasant feeling. This makes you react in anger to protect yourself. This is a basic human tendency. Try to analyse your anger when it hits you to see what the trigger was and then analyse the trigger. Ask yourself, will this matter in 5 years, chances are it won’t, and an angry reaction isn’t really justified. Try to work on your trigger to ensure that you can better handle the trigger in the future. This is easier said than done. But with constant practice, this can be achieved

2 . Work through your pain

Sometimes anger arises from pain or hurt. When something hurts us physically or mentally, we tend to develop a resentment towards it which over time becomes anger. Work through your pain and deal with the actual problem instead of adding to it with anger

3 . Take some time out

Whether it is a trigger or it is pain, take some time out for yourself to calm you down. Anger hits you so hard sometimes it leaves you reeling. Take a moment to compose yourself, in whichever method that works for you.

4 . Use a distraction

While this isn’t usually the best way to deal with anger, it will provide you with the temporary respite you much need when you are angry. Distract yourself till your anger subsides, in any manner that you find suitable. Music, meditation, exercise, deep breathing or chanting some religious verses can help in relaxing the mind. However, do not punish your body by putting yourself through unhealthy distractions to get rid of a moment of anger.

5 . Never make new decisions

When you make decisions out of anger, it might lead to more triggers for your anger. Never make decisions when you are angry. Never try to resolve a situation in anger. Take a time out and walk away from the situation and revisit when emotions are not running high.

6 . Try not to appropriate blame

Usually, anger leads to blaming another because we never want to blame ourselves. Sometimes this leads to anger from the receiving end, which just increases your triggers. Never appropriate blame for any situation on any person.

7 . Ask for help

Sometimes it is not easy to deal with anger single-handedly. You might need a friend, a partner or a buddy who can watch your anger and identify it for you when you can’t. You might need a therapist or professional help when you find your anger is damaging you in some way. Whether it is with a friend or with a professional, anger is something that can be shared and dealt with, seek help.

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