Gluten Free Diet May Put You At An Increased Risk Of Heart Diseases

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If you are amongst those to consume a “gluten free diet” without being clinically diagnosed with gluten intolerance then you may be at an increased risk of heart diseases, study reveals

-The study analyzed data from about 65,000 women and more than 45,000 men, who at the start of the study did not report any previous history of the heart disease.

-The participants were asked to fill a questionnaire around their dietary habits and based on the overall gluten intake, grouped the participants into different groups.

-The participants were divided in the “low to high gluten intake” groups and then calculated their likelihood of being diagnosed with a heart disease over a period of 26 years.

-It was observed that participants who restricted the intake of gluten and consumed a diet low in fiber and whole grains were at an increased risk of heart diseases. Participants who consumed low levels of dietary gluten were at a higher risk of heart diseases (15%) compared to others.

-Experts from the research suggested that people who do not have gluten sensitivity or celiac disease should not opt for a gluten-free diet.

-Findings were published in the British Medical Journal

Source: British Medical Journal

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