5 Must-haves To Make Breastfeeding Easy #WorldBreastfeedingWeek

breastfeeding easy

Did you know that if followed universally then breastfeeding can
– Save 8.23 lakh infant lives per year globally
– Prevent 20,000 deaths from breast cancer worldwide annually?

Breastfeeding not only has innumerable health benefits for the mother and the baby but also helps develop an uncomparable bond between the mother and the baby. But, let the truth be said that to make breastfeeding easy, every breastfeeding mother requires continuous support and encouragement.

This World Breastfeeding Week, let’s look at some must-haves that will help make breastfeeding easy:

Breast pump:

A breast pump lets you express and store milk for consumption by the baby later. Besides being useful for working moms, a breast pump comes handy for feeding in public. It is also useful when the baby is unable to latch on to the breasts and for cases when you are producing more milk than your baby needs.

Explore our range of manual to electric breast pumps to suit your needs.

Breast pads:

Breast pads or nursing pads are absorbent, removable liners to be placed into the bra. Most women require nursing pads at early stages of breastfeeding, to absorb the excess milk and protect their clothing from wetness and stains. Remember to change the pads when damp to avoid trapping moisture against your skin.

Go for soft and cotton breast pads. Explore our wide range to find the right one.

Nipple shields:

Nipple shields are placed over the nipples during breastfeeding in case of pain, itchiness or rashes on or around the nipples. Nipple soreness in most cases results from improper suckling by the infant and using breastfeeding tools in the wrong way.

Sore, red nipples causing discomfort? Choose the right nipple shield for you.

Nipple creams/butter:

Nipple cream or nipple butter helps relieve the pain and discomfort caused by dry, sore and cracked nipples. Always ensure to clear off the residual cream before expressing milk or feeding the baby.

Don’t let that pain linger on anymore! Buy safe nipple butters from our wide range.

Nursing bra:

Pregnancy can cause breasts to grow above 2 to 3 cups sizes than before. Nursing bras provide additional support and comfort with wider straps, stretchable fabric and accessory cups that can be unhooked and pulled down while nursing.

Experience ease in breastfeeding with a nursing bra.

(The article is reviewed by Dr. Swati Mishra, Medical Editor)

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