1mg News Digest: World’s first ‘smart’ condom can rate your sexual performance, detect STIs


1) World’s first ‘smart’ condom can rate your sexual performance, detect STIs
A British company claimed to have created the world’s first ‘smart’ condom which can measure performance and help detect sexually transmitted infections (STIs) like chlamydia and syphilis.The makers of the ‘i.Con Smart Condom’ also boasts that the ring-shaped sex device can even calculate how much calories a person burned while having intercourse.
Source: TimesNow

2) Only 8 per cent of malaria cases detected in India: WHO report
Only eight per cent of malaria cases were diagnosed last year in India, which accounted for six per cent of the 216 million new cases globally, a World Health Organisation (WHO) report has said.India was the third on the list of 15 countries which accounted for 80 per cent of all malaria cases in the world in 2016, the WHO’s World Malaria Report 2017 said.
Source: Deccan Chronical

3) Suffering From Back Pain? Try Homeopathy
Homeopathy is a holistic system of medicine that is based on the tenets “like cures like”. Homeopathic medicines are prescribed after a detailed case study, considering the physical as well as the emotional health of the patient and not just the symptoms. Here are some the homeopathic remedies for back pain.
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4) Using cotton buds to clean ears? You are actually damaging your ear canal, experts say
The Nice committee said: “The general advice given is not to insert anything into the ear canal as it is self-cleaning and the only cleaning needed is to gently wipe the conch of the external ear with a damp flannel over a finger.”

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