Harmful Smoking Effects on HIV Patients Than The Virus Itself!

HIV patients who smoke have shorter life span less than other HIV patients

Smokers who are HIV positive appear to have a higher chance of dying from smoking-related complications than from HIV, according to a recent study. 

-In a recent research, conducted by the University of Massachusetts and Harvard Medical School, it was suggested that HIV patients who were regular smokers and were undergoing a treatment for HIV, were at twice the risk of death as compared to non smoker HIV patients receiving the HIV treatment. 

-Studies suggest that men (regular smokers) undergoing HIV treatment were found to lose close to 6.7 years of their life compared to those who did not smoke.

-In women it was found to be close to 6.3 years of life.

-Research also states that a cigarette a day shortens ones’ life by 11 minutes.

-Findings were published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases

Source: Journal of Infectious Diseases

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