Avoid These 5 Foods For A Healthy Sex Life!

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You are what you eat, the energy that is supplied to your body and your mind is derived from what you have eaten and of course it will have an impact on the performance of both your body and mind.

A healthy sex life is a function of both body and mind; so here are some foods you must avoid for a healthy sex life:

1 . Milk Products

An age old image in India is that of a newlywed giving her husband a glass of milk to boost the libido. However today when cows and buffaloes are injected with synthetic hormones to boost milk production, a glass of milk or cheese can be one of the worst choices for the libido. These synthetic hormones wreak havoc with natural levels of oestrogen and testosterone, leading to lower libido. In fact men are more sensitive to the ill effects of dairy products as it lowers levels of testosterone in men.

2 . Alcohol

While a glass of wine can put you and your partner in an amorous mood, too much alcohol can actually lower your sexual desire, reduce arousal, cause erectile problem in men and make it harder to climax. To bring zing in the bedroom, try a small measure (30 ml) of flavoured liqueurs instead of a heavy night of drinking.

3 . Red Meat

While red meat once in a while actually helps increase iron, protein and zinc in the body, very often red meat preparations are high in fat, and are linked to cholesterol, blood pressure and heart diseases. These conditions are known to impair sexual health. In addition to this studies show that those who eat red meat regularly have body odour that is unattractive to their partners.

4 . Mint

A go-to for fresh sweet smelling breath, mint would seem like an obvious choice before any bedroom activity. However several studies show that menthol in mint is responsible for lowering testosterone levels in men, leading to lowered libido. Mint also causes burping which can be a turn-off. Switch to a non-menthol breath freshener such as saunf or lemon for better results.

5 . Processed Food

Fast food, ready to eat food, canned goods are so easily available today and are often consumed at the end of a tiring day. High in sodium, trans-fats & refined carbs, these foods can actually lower libido. Excessive sodium in your diet can lead to high blood pressure which inhibits blood flow to the sexual organs. Trans-fats that make fried food so yummy are linked to low libido in both men and women, they also impact sperm production. Refined carbs cause blood sugar levels to spike and crash also reduce testosterone and increase estrogen in men.

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