Sex During Periods??


Many taboos and myths prevailing in our society might consider women impure during their periods and conventionally restrict sexual intimacy during menstruation; scientifically it is perfectly safe to have sex during your period if both partners are fine with it. It might not be everyone’s choice but it is found that there are people who actually enjoy period sex more than regular sex. So it can be tried by taking proper care.

Can Substance Abuse Lead To Sexual Dysfunction In Men?


Can regular intake of alcohol, cocaine, nicotine, cannabis, and/or marijuana lead to sexual dysfunction in men? The answer is Yes!! Drugs and alcohol can affect your sexual life for years. Statistics show that substance use is responsible for 8.9% of the total global disease burden, while tobacco, alcohol, and illegal drugs are responsible for 4.1%, 4.0%, and 0.8% of the disease burden, respectively.

Sex During Pregnancy: Safe Or Not?

sex during pregnancy

Sex during pregnancy can be scary, but some women find it as satisfying as it is at other times. Unless doctor really tells you to avoid sex during pregnancy, it is always safe to enjoy until your water breaks. But, there are certain positions and precautions that you need to keep in mind to make sex more comfortable and pleasant experience during pregnancy.