Here Is Why Becoming An Early Riser Is Good For You!

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When was the last time that you got up early? Unable to recall ! Owing to the busy lifestyles, that we all are a part of, it is important for us to understand how beneficial early rising could be. In line with the age old saying, early rising makes one healthy, wealthy and wise, years of research and science have also provided enough evidence that support this fact.

Some of the amazing benefits of early rising are:

1 . Helps Kick-start Your Metabolism

-Proven and documented, overall healthy body has been found to be associated with a healthy opening meal of the day.

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day, ensures that your metabolism starts well and you are fit enough to face the day. Early rising will help you enjoy a healthy breakfast and serves as a perfect kickstart for the day.

-Proper and regular breakfast will keep you away from snacking and overeating during the day. It will ensure that you have stable blood sugar, get the essential nutrients and also keep you energetic throughout the day.

2 . Helps You Get Your Dose of Vitamin D

Early morning sun rays have been found to be beneficial for bone health, immune system, and several hormonal problems.

-A major part of the Indian population (83% females and 85% males) are reported to have low Vitamin D levels.

-This is largely due to our sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical fitness, these deficiencies such as vitamin D is a commonplace. Early rising can help you fight such health problems and keep you more active round the clock.

-The best way to ensure adequate Vitamin D levels is by sitting in the sun for 15-20 minutes daily, since there are very few foods that are rich in Vitamin D.

3 . Helps You To Exercise Regularly

-An added advantage to being an early risers is that you can easily fit in a slot for exercises and yoga.

-Get into the habit of a 30 minute moderate intensity exercise at least 4 times a week.

-Make sure to include muscle strengthening exercises ( or resistance exercises that involve weights) and weight bearing exercises ( like jogging, brisk walking, stair climbing, sports). This helps in strengthening the muscles and joints.

-Yoga, meditation and morning exercises boost the energy levels and helps them sail through the entire day more effectively.

4 . Helps You Plan The Day better

-With an early start to the day, you can give yourself ample time to plan the day in a structured manner. 

Planning and simultaneous execution of the plans indirectly assists one to achieve his/ her goals in life

5 . Increases Productivity

-Studies suggest, that early risers were found to be better performers.

-Early morning hours being calm can be utilized to get done with the most extensive and laborious tasks with more efficiency

-As per a study of University of Texas, student who woke up early in the morning were found to perform better and secured better grades.

6 . Improves Mental Health

-It has been found that people who sleep early at night and get up early are relatively less predisposed to major forms of mental disorders.

-Sleep of the early risers was found to be in tune with the earth’s circadian rhythm thereby making them more productive as well.

-Early risers were found to be at a lesser risk of depression and exhibited traits such as optimism, creativity and overall goodness.


-Try and sleep on time. Make sure you sleep for atleast 6-7 hours.

-Avoid taking excessive tea or coffee late at night. This will make it difficult for you to sleep on time and therefore not allow you to get up early.

Place the alarm farther from your bedside. This will compel you to get up to shut the ringing alarm

-Start gradually. Plan for small goals such as aim to get up 15 minutes early than your usual time and gradually increase it to 30 minutes or more.

-Begin with simple physical activities. These include, brisk walk, jogging, stretching exercises, meditation or suryanamaskar. Once you get used to the routine, opt for more strenuous exercises.

So, go ahead and make sure you make it a practise to get up early and reap its long term benefits in the form of a better lifestyle! Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!


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