5 Common Facts About Female Condoms That You Are Unaware Of!

5 Common Facts About Female Condoms That You Are Unaware Of

Female contraception is key to control the mensuration-pregnancy-menopause cycle and to ensure an STD free healthy life. While IUD and sterilization are the prominent methods of contraception used in India, female condoms are gaining prominence due to their ease of use and availability.

Keeping in the mind, the taboo that is associated with condoms in our society, it is important to answer these basic questions, before you go to buy them:

1 . Which One To Choose and Why?

Primarily there are 3 types of condoms. Latex is the commonly used to make both male and female condoms. Strong and reliable in nature, latex has been found to be allergic for many people. Therefore, make sure you are aware of that. In case you are allergic to latex, you can pick FC2 condoms. They are made of nitrile, a form of rubber and is conducive for people with latex allergy. It is oil resistant and therefore can be used with lubes such as Vaseline and baby oil. The third option is FC1 based condoms. Made of polyurethane, it is a type of plastic, thinner than latex and a better conductor of heat to optimize sensation.

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2 . How Effective Are They? 

Like men condoms, the effectiveness of female condoms is 79%-95%, which means there still stands a chance (of 5%) of pregnancy or contracting an STD. Remember, the accurate usage of the condom increases its efficacy. It should be inserted 8 hours before copulation.

3 . When Should You Avoid Them?

Avoid using a female condom if you have any vaginal or pelvic infections. If you think you have got an infection because of condom use (latex allergy) make sure avoid its use for a while.

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4 . Can Female Condoms Be Reused? 

No, like men condoms, the female condoms are also for one-time use only. Reuse of the condoms shall compromise on the purpose of protection from infections and conception.

5 . Do Female Condoms Increase Sexual Pleasure?

Yes, female condoms have been found to do so. Female condoms are worn well before the “moment” and therefore makes it more memorable. They are made up of heat transmitting materials and therefore makes the couple feel more natural.

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Things You Need To Be Cautious Of

-Make sure you wear it right. It is essential to prevent unwanted pregnancy and an STD’s while maximizing pleasure.

-Feel free to use extra lubrication if needed, though all the condoms come with some lubrication. Ensure not to use oil lubricants with latex condoms as they have a tendency to slip off or tear.

-Avoid using a male and female condom at the same time as the friction may create a tear in the condom.

-You may not feel comfortable during the first experience, but after a few uses, you will be able to use them easily!

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