Have You Tried Apple Cider Vinegar For Weight Loss?

Have You Tried Apple Cider Vinegar For Weight Loss?

While looking at the health benefits of apple cider vinegar or ACV, we always stumble upon its weight reducing property. While sceptical views exist, studies do prove that there is some truth to this. ACV is probiotic in nature and has a high percentage of acetic acid. But those are not the only reasons behind it being prescribed to control obesity-related issues.

Here’s how it works:

1 . Suppresses Appetite

A glass of water mixed with a tablespoonful of ACV taken before or with a meal will suppress your hunger and keep you feeling full for longer periods. The acetic acid is at work here that reduces the amount of food that you gulp down and also controls the binging habit.

2 . Stimulates Metabolism

The ACV you had with your meal will go a long way in improving the metabolic rate inside your body. This energises the body and burns the accumulated fats to derive the necessary energy. ACV stimulates the digestive system as well.

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3 . Controls Blood Sugar Levels

Spikes in our blood sugar levels induce us to go on our binge visits to the refrigerator and that binging is one of the chief culprits that cause obesity is common knowledge. Consumption of ACV helps negate these after-meal spikes by prompting the body to secrete insulin.

4 . Detoxes The Body

ACV is known to be a detoxifier supreme and for the records, suspended fat particles in our blood also qualify as toxins. The fibrous nature of organic ACV attaches itself to toxins and eases bowel movement. You lose artery-clogging fat particles, without even knowing it.

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In addition to these, ACV consumption reduces the body’s propensity to retain water making us look thinner than we actually are (or we think we are). It has a whole host of other benefits like improving the assimilation of nutrients like iron and proteins and being a source of potassium.

How To Use?

While the above-mentioned points hold a lot of truth, it can be argued that the consumption of ACV by itself will not show a lot of improvement. However, when paired with the right amount of exercise and a healthy diet, ACV acts as a catalyst in hastening the rate at which you lose the kilos.

The Precautions

Experts do warn against excessive consumption of ACV as this might lead to disorders of the digestive system and in not really teeth-friendly.

How Much?

Two tablespoons of ACV is safe to incorporate into your everyday diet. Use the raw organic variety and definitely dilute it before drinking. You may also consider substituting salt with ACV in salad dressings and in soups.

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