6 Surprising Reasons Why Reading Books Is Healthy For You!

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As kids we were often encouraged to inculcate the habit of reading books. In today’s digital world, though we have an option of e-books, still a majority of avid readers prefer to read books than e-books. Reading not only helps you learn a lot, improvise your verbal abilities but also has several health benefits to its name.

Here are a few reasons why reading books is good for your health:

1 . Helps Combat Stress

-Studies suggest that reading helps in warding off stress and worries by diverting your attention. The mental activity involved in the process serves as a workout for the mind.

-Reading has been found to reduce your stress hormones such as cortisol and have been found to benefit many people with anxiety disorders

2 . Improves Focus and Concentration

-With all of us heading towards having “short attention span”, it has been found that reading contributes to enhancing our overall focus and concentration.

-In addition to keeping oneself engrossed in the text or the plot, reading over a span of time increases your productivity and efficiency.

3 . Keeps Your Brain Young

-Studies suggest that adults who spent more time reading and doing creative things were at a decreased risk (32%) of cognitive decline later in life.

-Reading was also found to make the brain more efficient in the later years by keeping it engaged and functional.

4 . Helps You Get A Sound Sleep

-Make reading a bedtime ritual and it will help you sleep better as well. Studies suggest that reading before sleep, provides signals to the body to relax and helps you dose off.

-Instead, tablet screens keep you awake for longer and light emitted disrupts your sleep.

5 . Boosts Your Brain Power

Alike cardio focused workouts that help in body synchronization and improves brain power, reading helps in improving brain power.

– It helps in keeping the mind sharper for a longer span, serves as a mental exercise and lowers mental decline by 32%.

6 . Enhances Memory

-Reading helps to sharpen your memory and enhances ones’ learning capacity. Unlike other recreational activities, it gives you an opportunity to comprehend, insight and learn.

So, go ahead and add some new books to your book pile and reap the countless benefits of reading. Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

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