Carb Cycling? Can It Make Weight Loss Healthy and Easy?

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We all are living in a fat loss arena that is flooded with a wide range of diet plans and workout regime and carb cycling is a new addition to it. Though a fancy name, but carb cycling simply means altering the intake of carbohydrates alternately, i.e, eating more of carbohydrates on some days and less on the other days.

While we all know how important workouts are for a healthy living, however, most of us do not pay attention to our food habits when we work out. But needless to say that eating in the right manner can significantly impact your body.

Here are a few ways in which carb cycling can benefit you:

1 . Regulates Insulin Production 

Essentially, carbs help to cut down the amount of insulin produced in in the body and stores it. By altering the intake of carbs or by cycling the carbs, you keep your body guessing how it is going to get the required carbs. It gives your pancreas a good workout to keep the insulin flowing properly and therefore regulates its production.

2 . Helps To Build Lean Muscles

Carb cycling helps to build lean muscles and also ensures that you can retain them too. By alternating the carb levels, the body begin to regulate the fat burning condition (lipolysis). The more carbs you have, the lesser fat is burnt and the lesser the carbs you have the more fat you burn. During the low carb days, the body starts converting fat to lean muscles.

3 . Regulates Breakdown Of Glucose

Glycogen is what we get when glucose is broken down and this is what the muscles absorb to grow. By alternating the carb levels, you are regularly changing the glycogen secretion patterns. This way, the pancreas keep converting the ingested food to glycogen and helps to build better muscles.

4 . Serves As An Instant Source Of Energy

While most of us have a sedentary lifestyle and have a belly pouch, which we really want to get rid of, a low carb diet serves as the best option. A diet low in carbs provides your body with instant energy and that too in the required quantity. It is recommended to keep your fat and protein intake consistent while altering the carbs intake for best results.

Things To Keep In Mind:

-On days, when you have an intensive workout (such as weightlifting, body weight exercises ) it is important that you eat starchy carbs, proteins, fruits, healthy fats and vegetables.

-On days, when you are off gyming or have to do a cardio, do not have starchy carbs but continue to eat proteins, fruits, vegetables and healthy fats.

-Include healthy carbs in your diet such as sweet potato, quinoa, brown rice, whole grain bread, whole wheat pasta and oatmeal.

So, make sure if you too are on your way to losing or gaining weight and wish to try carb cycling, do consult a professional or a nutritionist beforehand. Eat Healthy, Stay Happy!

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