Do Oranges Help In Weight Loss?

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With sedentary lifestyle and the age of fast food, gaining unnecessary weight seems to be the pressing problem of our times. Where there is a problem, the solutions are not far behind. There are numerous health fads that take hold of public attention through mass media and internet. Every day there seems to be a new food that aids in weight loss. There is a need to separate the myths from the facts. But, oranges actually aid the weight loss process. Here is how having oranges can be helpful in losing weight:

Lower Body Mass Index (BMI)

In a study conducted by the “Journal of American College of Nutrition” in 2006, it was found that vitamin C aids in the loss of fat during exercise. People who exercised with high levels of vitamin C in the body lost 30% more fat than those who did not. Oranges being high in vitamin C would help in attaining a lower body mass index.

Boost Metabolism

There are lot of weight loss supplements available that contain bitter orange extract. In a study conducted it was found that a substance called p-synephrine found in bitter orange extract led to significant increase in the metabolic rate which may result in weight loss if taken for a period of 12 weeks.

Curb The Cravings

As a fruit, orange is high on fiber content. Several studies have shown that high fiber foods lead to weight loss since they fill up the stomach and delay hunger. This keeps you fuller for longer and curbs the unhealthy cravings.

Keep Calories In Check

Oranges have low calorie content with a medium orange containing around 62 calories. Most of the calories of orange come from carbohydrates. Eating whole orange is recommended since it ensures the intake of fiber.

Bitter orange extract is available as supplements in the market. You can also include orange in your diet in the form of orange juice, jams and marmalade, shakes and salads. Before you start taking any form of medication like bitter orange supplements, it is always best to consult your doctor. So, next time don’t forget to pick up oranges from the fruit market. Eat an orange every day for not only boosting immunity but for weight loss too!

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