7 Surprising Habits That Could Be Killing Your Sex Drive!

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While there is enough and more written about why regular sex is good for you, there is also evidence that suggests that there are certain habits that are responsible for killing your sex drive. These include:

1 . Lack of Sleep

Are you sleep-deprived? Find yourself tired and gritty eyed when you wake up? Or have watched TV far too late into the night? Studies show a direct link between lack of sleep and a low libido. If you are sleepy and tired chances are you’re not in the mood. Catch up on your sleep to increase your libido.

2 . Stress

If you’re worried about something. Whether an upcoming deadline, financial or health issues, or a tough boss. When mentally trying to sort life issues out, the desire to have sex reduces, more so for women. The funny thing is sex is a great stress buster, so if you are having a stressed day, try to take a break from it and have a romantic date night with your partner to set the mood.

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3 . Dehydration

If you’re drinking less than required water, chances are you are dehydrated. This doesn’t just impact your sex drive; it also causes vaginal dryness leading to painful intercourse, making it harder to orgasm. Inadequate water also causes headaches, leads to belly fat and weight gain, indigestion, flatulence in short all things that make you feel unsexy. So tank up on water intake, at least two liters a day.

4 . Lack Of Exercise

An exercise regime keeps you fit, releases happy hormones, alters moods, increases blood circulation and makes you feel good about your body. On the other hand lack of exercise makes you lethargic, more likely to gain weight and feel worse about your body, leading to a low libido. Any form of exercise will help you reap its benefits and as a bonus being fitter leads to better stamina, flexibility and muscle control for better sex.

5 . Lack Of Intimacy

Sex doesn’t just begin in bed, at night with the lights out. Touching and holding each other in non-sexual situations goes a long way in keeping one attuned to their partner. Hold hands, hug, kiss, and maintain physical contact through the day, for a boost in your sex drive. Physical demonstration of affection helps a couple bond better and helps them have a better sex life.

6 . Binge Drinking

While a glass of wine or a beer might help lower inhibitions and steam up the sheets, excessive alcohol actually lowers the libido, can cause erectile dysfunction and make it harder to orgasm. Ditch the alcohol for a better sex life.

7 . Being Addicted To Your Phone

One of the biggest culprits in lowering your sex drive, is your smartphone. Sex begins in the brain, and thanks to technology our brain has access to unlimited information, whether surfing social media platforms or responding to a disgruntled email. With a smart phone in your hand it’s impossible to pay attention to your partner. Make your bedroom a phone free zone and add sizzle back to your sex drive.

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