6 Nourishing Oils To Thicken Your Eyebrows Naturally

6 Nourishing Oils To Thicken Your Eyebrows Naturally

Our eyebrow hair is just like the hair on our head and our body. It is made up of a protein Keratin and strings of amino acids which give hair its strength.  A variety of reasons can cause the hair follicles to weaken and can cause falling leading to thin eyebrows.  Whether it’s down to genetics, illness or hormonal imbalance, if you want your beautiful eyebrows back then, try one of these oil remedies for thick eyebrows:

1 . Castor Oil

Castor oil is one of the most effective remedies for getting thicker eyebrows. It promotes hair growth, with a thicker and richer growth than before.  To have fuller eyebrows in less than 6 weeks, make sure you apply castor oil every day and also ensure that you use organic cold-pressed castor oil.

Massage a few drops of castor oil into your eyebrows & keep it on for 30 minutes. Wipe it off with a makeup remover and then wash your face with warm water.

2 . Coconut Oil

Eyebrows are made up of protein and coconut oil reduces protein loss and makes your eyebrows stronger. The auric acid present in it acts as an antimicrobial agent and prevents infection of the hair follicles. This stimulates your eyebrows to grow faster. You can apply coconut oil on your eyebrows daily or use it 3-4 times a week for good results.

Dip the cotton pad in the coconut oil and apply it on your eyebrows. Keep it on overnight.  Rinse with a face wash in the morning.

3 . Olive Oil

Olive Oil contains Vitamin A and E and that helps in the growth of hair. Vitamin E nourishes each hair strand while Vitamin A stimulates the production of sebum, your body’s natural oil, which helps with hair growth.

Pour a drop of extra virgin olive oil on your fingertips and massage it on your eyebrows. Keep it on for a couple of hours and then wash it off with face wash and water.

4 . Almond Oil

Rich in Vitamin A, B and E, and almond oil nourishes hair and stimulates hair growth. For best results, apply it daily.

Massage the oil into your eyebrows in circular motions. Keep it on overnight and wash it off in the morning.

5 . Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E oil promotes hair growth and strengthens fragile hair. It contains an antioxidant and helps reduce any stress that may be restricting your hair growth.

Break open the vitamin E capsule and apply the oil present inside on your eyebrows. Massage for a few minutes and leave it on overnight.  Apply this every night before going to bed.

6 . Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil nourishes and unclogs clogged hair follicles, which can make your eyebrows grow faster. It also seals and protects hair, giving them a natural shine.  To get the most out of jojoba oil, use it every day.

Massage a few drops of jojoba oil into your eyebrows, leave on overnight and wash with cool water in the morning.

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