On World Health Day, Adopt These 5 Tips To Stay Healthy

On World Health Day, Adopt These 5 Tips To Stay Healthy

World health day today is being observed on 7th April 2018, across the globe.  The theme for this year is Universal Health Coverage: Everyone, Everywhere.

We all understand the importance of staying fit and healthy but how many of you actually work towards it? In this hustle bustle of the life, we somehow forgot to take care of ourselves. It is never late to start working towards a healthier you. Let us work towards maintaining a healthier, happier mind and body by adopting these steps

Take these small steps every day to stay healthy and fit.

1. Get timely routine checks:

“Why me? I don’t have any health issue”.That’s how we ignore our health at the first step. Always listen to your body and get regular preventive health checks done. This helps ensure timely detection of any health concerns and taking preventive measures for it.

2. Have healthy food habits:

Struggling to finish those deadlines, taking care of kids, managing household responsibilities, all these become so important that we often tend to delay or skip our meals, or turn towards unhealthy substitutes or calorie dense foods. Prioritize your health by taking healthy frequent meals. Choose fruits to fill in the meal gaps.

3. Keep yourself hydrated:

Most of our body is composed of water. Good to teach but rarely followed. We all know the importance of water yet we miss drinking water every 2 hour. So, mark a reminder on your phone and drink water after every 2 hour.

4. Stay happy:

Stressing yourself for work or routine life problems, won’t take you anywhere. Stress lands you in a pool of health problems and reduces the ability to take the right decision. Nothing is permanent, neither is the stressful time. It is just a passing phase. Keep calm and stay healthy.

5. Physical workout:

Nothing can beat physical workout when it comes in terms of lifting up the mood or working towards a fitter and a healthy body. Regular routine physical workout charges up your body, helps you take a better decision, gives you a feel-good factor feeling and helps you remain fit. So incorporate daily routine of physical routine in your daily life.

As we all know prevention is better than cure, so take baby steps towards your health by indulging in these basic lifestyle changes.


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