Flatulence? Here Is What You Must Try For Instant Relief

Flatulence? Here Is What You Must Try For Instant Relief

Flatulence (the state of having excessive stomach or intestinal gas) commonly known as farting or passing wind, can be both uncomfortable and embarrassing. Usually, it is a result of indigestion, sedentary lifestyle and poor dietary habits. However, it brings along with it less of worry, as relevant modifications in the daily habits can benefit significantly. Adopt some home remedies for flatulence to deal with it.

Some practical tips to manage flatulence by bringing in a few dietary and lifestyle changes are:

1 . Add more probiotics to your meals

Probiotics are the good bacteria present in the gut and help to maintain the health of our digestive system. They play a critical role in maintaining digestive health and also avoid embarrassing conditions like flatulence. Some common sources are yogurt, sauerkraut, and kefir, tempeh, and miso.

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2 . Include fibrous foods in your diet

Having fiber-rich foods such as salads, green vegetables and fruits such as guavas and pears help to regulate bowel movements. This will help you to release the waste regularly, to decrease the chances of gas and flatulence.

3 . Eat at frequent intervals 

It is important, that you do not starve and your stomach does not remain empty for too long. Being on an empty stomach can cause gas formation and discomfort, so eat a fruit or salad, or a healthy snack at regular intervals (3-4 hours).

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4 . Stay away from fizzy drinks

Carbonated and aerated drinks have a high amount of gas in them (carbon dioxide) which especially when cold can cause flatulence. They aggravate the condition and can cause excessive burping as well.

5 . Limit your dairy intake 

Dairy products are notorious for causing gas. Avoid them as far as possible. If you must have them, then avoid having milk on an empty stomach. Excessive flatulence can cause painful cramps and this can get worse due to dairy products.

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6 . Try natural concoctions for relief

Jeera seeds, a must ingredient of the Indian kitchen, provides instant relief from flatulence. Roast a teaspoon of jeera seeds until they turn brown. Grind the seeds into a fine powder using a rolling pin and consume this powder with lukewarm water to get instant relief from flatulence.

So, to ensure a healthy digestion, make sure you eat healthy, exercise regularly and practice good lifestyle habits. These easy home remedies for flatulence will keep you away from opting for quick fixes in situations of indigestion. Eat Healthy, Stay Happy!!

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