7 Effective Tips To Boost Your Sexual Wellness!

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The topic of sex being a taboo, often segments sexual health to be a neglected concern in our country. Surprisingly, studies show that your sex-drive is a reflection of your overall well-being due to its link with the other hormones in the body. All the hormones in our body collectively affect our mood, consciousness and mental health.

Here are some effective tips that can help boost your sexual health:

1 . Connect Verbally

-It is important for an individual to connect verbally before the physical connection takes place.

-Make sure you are aware of your partner’s likes and dislikes to avoid any kind of awkwardness at that time. Focusing on your partner will definitely improvise your sexual relationship.

2 . Kick Off Stress

-Research suggests that stress has been found to be detrimental to sex drive and relationships. Stress directly affects our hormones and mood and takes away a person’s libido thereby affecting the quality time of the couple.

-Excessive stress can push you to opt for excessive smoking or alcohol consumption which adversely affects your sexual performance. Relax yourself by opting for a bubble bath, yoga sessions, reading or music classes.

3 . Eat Well

-Include foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as walnuts, broccoli, kidney beans, spinach and cauliflower and amino acids like arginine such as cashews, peanuts, green veggies, garlic and chickpea.

-Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids and arginine help in increasing circulation and stimulate your zeal to have sex.

4 . Stay Active  

-Studies suggest that sexual wellness is directly related to physical fitness of both men and women. Post a workout, with high blood circulation, it is recommended to have sex after exercise.

-Opt for a exercise regimen for atleast 5 days a week. During work hours choose stairs over the elevator.

5 . Keep it Simple

-Though it varies from individual to individual, it has been observed that 7-13 minutes of lovemaking is desirable by both men and women.

-Choose for ways that are simple, as it happens to provide you with better results than complicated ones.
6 . Get Some Sun

-Sunlight inhibits the melatonin production in the human body, whereas, melatonin has also been found to suppress the sexual urges.

-Sunlight can help in waking up your sexual desires (especially during winters) as the body produces more of the hormone during the same time.

7 . Try Natural Herbs

-Instead of opting for chemical preparations, opt for natural herbs and medicinal plants such that support a healthy sex drive.

-Literature suggests herbs such as Ashwagandha, Maca root, Ginseng and Damiana.


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