9 Condom Mistakes You Should Never Make!


Condoms are by far the most effective contraceptives, however it has only gained popularity in recent years. If used properly, condoms are known to have a success rate of 97% in preventing pregnancy. Moreover, unlike other contraceptives, condoms do not have any side-effects like changes in the hormonal level or weight gain. These are also known to protect against a wide range of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as HIV-AIDS. Given the numerous benefits condoms have, it is advised that all men should use condoms. It is not just for men who do not want to impregnate a woman and prevent unwanted pregnancy but also to protect against various diseases. 

While using condoms acts as a great contraceptive, it is equally important to know how to use one and avoid the common mistakes to get the desired results. As our otherwise reclusive and shy Indian society has been able to shed its inhibition about using and talking about condoms, a discussion about the do’s and don’ts of using a condom is certainly in order. Doctors often come across funny yet serious medical consequences of using condoms the wrong way. Here are some common mistakes that men make while using a condom and how to use it the right way for a great sexual experience.

1. Not Checking The Expiry date

Never use one that is past the expiry date. Like all good things perishable, condoms come with an expiry date. Using one past the expiry date can lead to breakages and other untoward things can happen. So it is always advisable to check the expiry while buying one as you may not be in the mood to check dates during the act. Also, avoid stocking up condoms as you are less likely to check and use one before the act.

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2. Wearing the Condom Too Early

A condom is supposed to be slid on an erect penis. If you put it on before reaching that stage, there’s a high chance that it will not be worn correctly and an arousal might evade you altogether. So always wait till you are ready to wear a condom and not be in a hurry to enjoy the act in full swing.

3. Not Wearing The Right Size

One of the common mistakes of using a condom is not buying the right size. Yes, to ensure that a condom does its job perfectly it is important to wear your size. Using a condom larger in size than the one you need can cause it to slide off while in the act. And wearing one that is small in size than your actual size can not only be very tight but may cause it to break in the middle of the act. Both ways you face the risks associated with unprotected sex, so picking the right size is very important.

4. Not Leaving Any Space At The Tip

The tip of the condom is supposed to be left alone: When a man ejaculates, the semen needs some space within the condom. The reservoir on the tip of the condom is meant exactly for that. If you do not leave this space, there are high chances of spillage or breakage of the condom thereby increasing the risk of your partner becoming partner or the risk of infections.

5. Wearing It Too Late

Don’t leave it till late. Condoms are not only aimed at containing ejaculations. They protect you from getting infected; and of course, pre-cum can and often does get women pregnant, as well. So put the condom on before you begin the act and not even you are done with the act.

6. Re-using The Condom

Do not re-use, ever. As you know, one condom is good enough for one act only. If you are the adventurous type, keep a few handy as using a single condom for more than one romp can have serious repercussions like the spread of diseases or pregnancy.

7. Waiting Too Long Before Taking It Off

Take the condom off once you are done: Once a man ejaculates and loses the erection, a condom is best taken off fast to prevent spillage. Dispose off a condom after your ejaculate. Also, do not throw them out of the window or flush them down as this can clog the drainage. Always dispose off condoms in a dustbin.

8. Using Two Condoms For Extra Protection

This is a common misconception as many ‘wise’ souls believe that there is safety in numbers. But in reality, one is enough. Using two at once will not only cause a lot of friction between the two condoms but also increases the chance of breakage. And if this happens, then the risk of pregnancy and infections also increases. So always play safe and use only one condom at a time.

9. Using The Wrong Lube

Choose your lube with care. If you need lube while having sex, you will do well to stick to water-based lubricants that are meant for being used with condoms. Never ever try to use oils or lotions which are readily available in any household as a lubricant.This is because, it can cause the condom to break and render it useless.

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Unlike popular belief, condoms are user-friendly. All you need to know is the right way to use it to add spice to your sex life. There are numerous condoms available in the market right from various shapes, sizes and flavours. Whether it is a flavoured one or a dotted one, pick the one that suits you for pleasurable and safe sex.  

(The article is reviewed by Dr. Swati Mishra, Medical Editor)

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