Sex During Pregnancy: Safe Or Not?

Is sex during pregnancy safe?

Sex During Pregnancy: Is it Safe?

Sex during pregnancy can be scary, but some women find it as satisfying as it is at other times. Unless doctor really tells you to avoid sex during pregnancy, it is always safe to enjoy until your water breaks. But, there are certain positions and precautions that you need to keep in mind to make sex more comfortable and pleasant experience during pregnancy. If you want to know more about what measures should be considered while having sex when you’re pregnant, keep reading!

Knowing the basics:

1. Talk to your doctor about the need for any precautions: 

Sex is safe during pregnancy if you have a normal or a low- risk pregnancy with few complications. Moreover, your doctor will tell you to avoid sex if there’s any at all. You may be advised to avoid sex if you have experienced any of the following conditions:
A. History of premature
B. Unexplained vaginal bleeding
C. Leakage of amniotic fluid
D. Vaginal Infections – Fungal more common
E. Cervical Insufficiency
F. Other medical conditions

2. Know that sex during pregnancy is usually quite safe:

 One of the most common concerns of the expecting mother and father of an unborn child is that sex might hurt the baby, or they might ‘bump into’ the baby during sex, however, in reality, there is no reason to worry about. You should know that a woman’s cervix forms a barrier between her uterus and vagina, cushioning the baby and preventing harm from occurring. It has been seen that many women enjoy a satisfying and a fulfilling healthy sexual relationship with their partner throughout their pregnancy period, right up until their delivery date.
Even if things like this keep worrying you, do talk to your doctor during a prenatal visit as little assurance from him that sex will not hurt the baby may help both of you feel more comfortable with the idea of having sex during the

3. Know that orgasms can cause uterine contractions: 

Keep in mind that achieving orgasms during pregnancy can cause uterine contractions but do not lead to. If you are experiencing such contractions for the first time, things might confuse you, but remember that orgasms are unlikely to cause, so there is no need to worry on these grounds.

4. Understand how sex can feel different when you’re pregnant: 

During pregnancy, there is increased blood flow to the pelvic area. Due to this reason, many women may feel increased sensation in the clitoris during a sexual encounter. For some, it may be an enjoyable and pleasant experience while others may get uncomfortable and irritated with such experience. The following changes may also be experienced by women:
A. Sore nipples
B. Feeling of fullness after sex
C. Increased
 vaginal discharge
D. Abdominal cramping after sex

5. Practice smart sex: 

Both partners should follow smart sex habits even during the pregnancy period to avoid the chances of getting affected by infections. Better use condom each time you have sex. It is important to note that putting yourself at risk of infection may put the baby at risk as well.

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Explore some practices that can help you to have comfortable sex with your partner during pregnancy.

1. Choose a position that makes it easier for both of you: 

If you and your partner interested in enjoying a healthy life during pregnancy, then you must be really wondering about different positions that work best for both of you when her belly grows and expands. First and foremost, be open minded and creative as much as you can. You probably need to try out different positions and experiment a bit to see what really works for both of you!
A. After the first and mid-second trimester, women may find it hard to enjoy sex in missionary positions as their stomach expands. So, try being on the top instead.
B. Getting on your hands and knees while your partner enters from behind is another position that works for many couples.
C. ‘Spooning’ position is considered quite comfortable by many couples to enjoy sex during pregnancy period.
D. Try sitting on a chair or on the edge of the bed while your partner kneels or stand.

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2. Try alternative forms of sex: 

Why not try mutual masturbation as an alternative to sex especially during the later stages of pregnancy to have enjoyable intimate moments as a couple. Also, try out oral sex as it is a good alternative to vaginal sex and it requires less amount of movement on the part of a pregnant woman.
A. If your partner has oral herpes or other infections, make sure you use a dental dam during oral sex.
B. Avoid anal sex during pregnancy as it leads to an infection that can spread to the vagina.

3. Use lots of pillows: 

Do not forget to take the help of pillows to enjoy sex while you are pregnant. Use them under your bottom or other parts of your body to prop yourself and get more comfortable. Keep in minds that if one position doesn’t work for you, do not hesitate to modify or try new positions by using more pillows to achieve a better angle.

4. Go easy on yourself:

 Keep in mind that if sex doesn’t feel good during pregnancy, there is no need to push yourself too hard. It is very common that some women find sex uncomfortable while other women are found less interested due to reduced sex drive. So, do what feels right for you, and make sure you communicate your needs to your partner openly without any hesitation.

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