Beat Arthritis: 3 Exercises To Strengthen Your Joints


There are 3 types of exercises that are essential for healthy joints as well as for people with arthritis. These include flexibility exercises, aerobic exercises and strengthening exercises. Each one plays a role in maintaining and improving your ability to move and function.


These exercises are aimed at improving range of motion. This means that they improve the ability to move your joints through the full motion that your joints were designed to achieve.

-Flexibility exercises include gentle stretching and movements that take joints through their full span.

-Doing these exercises regularly,ideally every day, can help maintain and even improve the flexibility in your joints.


These exercises strengthen your heart and make your lungs more efficient. They improve your stamina, reduce fatigue and help in keeping your weight in check.

Brisk Walking

This is one of the best bone-strengthening aerobic activities. While it is recommended to take  a 30 minute brisk-walking session at least 5 days a week, you can start with three 10 minutes walking sessions anytime throughout the day.


If you don’t know how to swim yet, get enrolled in a local swimming club and befriend water as swimming strengthens the hips, knees, shoulders and the chest while having minimum impact on the joints. A 30 minute swimming session, 5 days a week is very beneficial.


Cycling takes the hips and knees through their range of motion. It strengthens the thigh and calf muscles thereby providing support to essential joints of the hips and legs. A 30 minute ride 5 or more days every week is recommended.


Strengthening exercises help maintain and improve your muscle strength. Strong muscles can support and protect joints thereby preventing as well as improving arthritis.

Chair Sit

Sit on a chair that does not revolve or have wheels fitted. Slowly rise up using the legs and the hip. Use the elbow-rests for support if required. Stand-up straight and again sit-back down. Perform 20 reps anytime throughout the day. This movement strengthens the hips, knees and feet.

Leg Raises

Lie down on your back and keep the hands on your sides, palms down. Slowly raise the right leg using the abdominal muscles while keeping both legs straight. Repeat on both sides for 10 times each. This exercise strengthens the core muscles that support the spine.

Knee Rolls

Lie down on your back, hands on the side and bend your legs at the knees so that the feet touch the ground. Inhale and slowly lower both knees towards the ground on the right side. Hold for 5 seconds and come back to the starting position. Repeat 20 times on both sides. This exercise relieves stiffness of the hips and the abdominal muscles.


-For those suffering from arthritis or joint pain of any kind, high impact exercises is best avoided

-Wear proper clothing and footwear when you go out for an exercise.

-Rest is as important as the exercise itself, not getting enough may cause injury.

-An expert’s supervision is recommended while working-out with heavy equipment.

-Patients with heart conditions and other chronic health conditions should always consult a doctor before taking up an exercise regimen.

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So, go ahead and take up these exercises as  apart of your fitness regimen to ensure that your joints are in optimal health. Stay Active, Stay Healthy

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