Left Your UTI Medication Midway? This Is What Could Happen

Left Your UTI Medication Midway? This Is What Could Happen

UTIs or urinary tract infections is one of the most common bacterial infection in the Indian community. As the name suggests, UTIs are the bacterial infections of the urinary tract, i.e. from the urethra to kidneys. The severity of the infection depends on the penetration of bacteria all along the tract. It can be the infection of the bladder(cystitis) to infection of kidneys (pyelonephritis) Although UTIs are most common in women, they can affect men as well.

How serious is this and how it feels?
UTI is mostly accompanied by severe pain and burning while urinating and patient may also experience:
1. Blood in the urine
2. nausea,
3. vomiting
4. fever
5. cramps in the groin region

Although medical treatment is available, UTIs can turn out to be lethal if it is neglected. So, treatment and completion of treatment course are very important. This article will help you in analyzing the importance of treatment & repercussions in cases left midway.

UTI Treatment Options:
1. Antibiotics are the primary options for the treatment.
2. Doctors are very particular about the treatment options because, if left untreated these infections may lead to dreadful kidney and blood infections.
3. Doctors will diagnose the UTI with a lab culture to estimate the count and type of bacteria.
4. The bacterial count will help your physician to determine the severity.
5. Based on the lab result, your doctor will suggest antibiotics, and dose depending on the severity of the infection.

What if Treatment is left midway?
If you have ever taken antibiotics you would have noticed that you start feeling better on the second day of taking the medications whereas your doctor has prescribed you 5 days worth of pills. So should you stop taking your medicines once you start feeling better? The answer is no.
Antibiotics are the class of medication which are to be used in a prescribed manner, Over-usage or Under-usage may lead to complications.
If we talk about antibiotics for UTI, over-usage may cause resistance and under-usage may kill only weaker ones leaving the stronger bacteria to survive and replicate stronger progeny. So, next time the infection will be stronger than the usual.
What can you do if you have left the medication midway?
Unfortunately, there is nothing much we can do about it. The only thing we can do is to follow few preventive measures for not exacerbating the situation if medication is left midway:
1. If you are sexually active, you should be keen on urinating before and after the activity
2. Proper hydration is essential. So, drink plenty of water and don’t hold back your urine. Your bladder is prone to infections when stretched at its maximum.
3. Instead of taking baths, try to take small showers, because bathtub water will carry the bacteria from your skin to your urethra.
4. This is very commonly said but followed very rarely by women, i.e. avoid douching, deep vaginal cleaning, using powders, sprays etc. It disrupts the natural flora of vagina leaving it exposed to infections.
5. When you defecate, try to wipe front and back properly.
6. Include more sprouts, garlic, legumes etc to your diet

Urinary tract infections are fairly common but when treated with caution and correct medication they are nothing to be afraid of.

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