Can People With Diabetes Drink Alcohol?

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If you are a diabetic, alcohol may increase or reduce blood sugar levels. Alcohol has a high calorie count. One drink of alcohol is considered to be as rich as two meals rich in fats!

Some of the effects of alcohol on diabetes are:

-When taken in moderate quantity, it increases blood sugar levels; but if taken in excessive quantity, it can cause rapid drop of blood sugar levels.

-Alcohol is known to increase acid secretion in the stomach, thus it increases your appetite and results in over-eating, which can affect blood sugar levels.

-Since alcohol has high amount of calories, it is difficult to lose weight along with alcohol intake.

-Alcohol interferes with oral medications (oral hypoglycemic drugs) and insulin.

-When taken in excess, it causes symptoms of narcosis i.e. slurred speech, flushing of face, increased heart rate; which can be confused for drop in blood sugar levels or hypoglycemia.

-Alcohol affects liver and increases triglyceride levels of the blood.

-In some cases, like binge drinking, pancreatitis may occur, which can damage pancreas and its capacity to produce insulin

Thus, in people with diabetes, alcohol intake can result in further damage to the body, especially liver and pancreas and in turn can further reduce production of insulin.Thus, it is advisable to avoid alcohol, if you are a diabetic.

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