Can A Diabetic Person Go Into Coma Due To Low Sugar Level?

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Yes, a person can go into a coma due to low blood sugar level. Sugar levels can become low in diabetic patients as well as in non-diabetics.

-The cause of low sugar (hypoglycemia) in diabetic patients can be excessive diabetes medication, fasting or starving for longer duration, sudden heavy exercises above the routine or exercising while fasting, and delayed meals.

-It is often seen in patients who are still on the same dosage of medicine, but have lost significant weight (10% of total body weight); while in non-diabetics excessive exercising, aerobics while fasting or doing unfamiliar exercises can lead to really low blood sugars and maybe even coma.

-When blood sugar level drops below 60 mg%, the glucose inside the blood is not able to reach the brain cells and fulfill its demand for the brain.

-If this goes on for few minutes, the person starts sweating and becomes giddy, in this phase if he eats or drinks something sweet (having glucose) he recovers, but if this phase continues for a longer duration, then the brain’s sugar further reduces and patient collapses or may go into coma.

-This is a medical emergency and patient needs to be attended to by a doctor or rushed to the hospital immediately.

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