Is It Better To Take Metformin Before Or After Meals?

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Metformin is currently the first line of drug for managing diabetes. Metformin is a very safe medicine for diabetics. The time of taking  metformin depends on your blood sugar readings, your weight and other factors like diet, exercise and lifestyle.

Metformin works in the following ways:

-It makes your body more sensitive towards the action of insulin.

-It acts on liver and it restricts liver in producing glucose.

-It acts on intestines and reduces the absorption of sugar.

Because of this, metformin has several side effects like reduction of appetite and weight loss. Some other bothersome side effects are nausea and stomach ache, giddiness, light headedness, muscle pain, body aches, constipation and flatulence

To overcome these side-effects, it is better to take it with meals or just after finishing meals. This helps to reduce some of these side-effects. Thus, it is advisable to take metformin with meals or just after finishing meals.

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