Are You On Hair Loss Therapy? Adherence Is the Key!


“The sooner it is…the better it will be”…it may sound universally true but particularly holds true when we talk about taking a treatment or therapy for a condition. An accurate diagnosis (as talked about in the previous article), followed by an effective treatment regime and diligently using the hair loss products has been proven to bring out great results. It is common for many of us to simply know we are losing our hair and do nothing but nag about it.

Stick To Your Hair Loss Therapy, And You Could Bring Your Healthy Locks Back!


Nothing helps! I have tried everything…natural remedies, healthy food, nutritional supplements and what not! But I wonder why nothing is working. This is something you may have heard from many people, especially during the changing seasons. Since we are all blessed with hair since the 22nd week of us being in our mothers’ womb, losing hair would obviously bring us pain.