Are You On Hair Loss Therapy? Adherence Is the Key!

Are You On Hair Loss Therapy? Adherence Is the Key!

“The sooner it is…the better it will be”…it may sound universally true but particularly holds true when we talk about taking a treatment or therapy for a condition. An accurate diagnosis (as talked about in the previous article), followed by an effective treatment regime and diligently using the hair loss products has been proven to bring out great results. It is common for many of us to simply know we are losing our hair and do nothing but nag about it. Or another lot amongst us would enthusiastically schedule appointments with doctors, start a treatment therapy, but fail to adhere to it. Well, that’s not how it should be ideally!

It is very critical for us to understand, what is not letting our treatment become a success. Is it the treatment regime, or the hair loss products/ medications, your negligence or callous attitude towards the treatment, or the follow up. In most cases, it is has been found to be the inability to abide by the treatment regime that leads to poor results. In this article, we have tried to outline how and why adherence to hair fall therapy is important for treating hair problems.

Hair Loss Therapy: Things You Need To Know About It!

Hair fall or shedding of hair, if left untreated can lead to hair loss. Therefore, it is important to diagnose the cause for the hair fall and then begin with the treatment. Some of the most common causes of hair fall are nutritional deficiencies, disease conditions such as cancer, hormonal imbalance, unhealthy lifestyle or medical conditions such as alopecia. Once diagnosed, a dermatologist/ trichologist shall recommend you a hair loss therapy.

Hair loss therapies not only stop the shedding of hair but also target regrowth of hair. Nonetheless, it is important to note that every hair loss therapy, whether an adjuvant therapy or a natural remedy, works differently for an individual. Therefore, post consultation, your specialist is most likely to put you on a tailored treatment regimen. Alongside oral supplements, lifestyle modifications and use of topical formulations are common recommendations.

Once you have your treatment regime with you, you are only midway through. This is because until you begin to follow it regularly and give yourself and the medications the time to alter the growth pattern of the hair follicles, you won’t be able to see results. The novel formulations making way to commercial shelves mainly include hair serums, lotions and shampoos. Hair serums are made up of peptides (such as procapil), melatonin, adenosine, coccocin, and vitamins such as vitamin B5, B6 and B8 and have found to increase the microcirculation in the scalp thereby adding strength and vitality of the hair strands. They also strengthen the hair follicle by increasing the supporting proteins (laminin and collagen) content in the hair roots. Hair lotions usually comprise of creatine, tetrapeptide and vitamins which help revitalize the hair shafts and promote hair regrowth.

Do not just pin your prescription to your cardboard wall; MAKE SURE YOU follow it!

Most important while you are on a treatment regime is, with how much perseverance and patience are you following your prescription. In line with the science behind hair regrowth, we need to understand that hair loss therapy is a gradual process. One should not expect the hair follicles to grow back to their previous length once supplied with a shot of minoxidil or other such formulations. Instead, adherence to the therapy is far essential to fetch results.

Surveys in recent past have shown that some people tend to discontinue their therapy when they fail to see results within the first initial weeks. Also it has been seen that the same set of patients on starting the treatment again, and adhering to it, report successful outcomes. Here is one such example;

Sara, a successful marketing manager with a corporate, narrates her story to support the same. She was diagnosed with female patterned hair loss and consulted a dermatologist. She adhered to the prescription for hardly a week and left it midway because she could not see results. A month later, she met a doctor friend who advised her to start the therapy again and follow it diligently. She went for her follow up and started with her treatment. Last week she completed the second month of her treatment and went for her third follow up. With a big smile she asserted…that you will see results only when you follow your prescription religiously!

For has been rightly said, medicine should be taken with faith, and it will never fail. By including hair healthy foods, modifying your daily routine, following a holistic treatment regime after consulting a dermatologist, you can effectively fight off hair fall. But be honest to yourself and promise yourself to follow it with dedication if you wish to see your locks back!

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