Would Seeing A Dermatologist Help Me Fight Hair Fall?

Would Seeing A Dermatologist Help Me With My Hair Fall?

Throughout our life, almost all of us have had days when we would see a bigger bunch of our hair sitting on the drainage of the bathroom than in our ponytails. Or when it would be difficult to make out the color of the comb for it had more hair strands than on the scalp.

However, despite all this, what are the immediate rescue options that you turn to? Of all, the most common have been found to be, waiting for it to settle as it was seasonal, experimenting with various products on your own or using natural remedies to fix the same. And I am sure, most of you resorted to these, instead of tracing the causes of your hair fall to the lack of nourishment and proper growth environment, and visiting the right doctor to seek advice on the same.

Do I need to see a specialist Or Can I do without it?

Sadly, surveys conducted in the past are vocal of the fact that most of us consider self-treatment for problems such as hair fall/ loss. Unless we are severely troubled by the problem, we do not see a specialist to treat the problem. What are the popular reasons behind not seeing a specialist? One, because we often self-examine the problem and devise ways to treat it. Two, we remain uninformed of which doctor to consult—a dermatologist, trichologist, a general physician, or any other specialist. Usually, it is advisable to visit a dermatologist or trichologist as he would be able to provide you with the best solutions for your hair fall.

Hair fall, just like any other problem, depends on the cause, and takes its own course of time to get treated. The reasons for a severe hair fall are not easy to decipher. You can begin by asking yourself the following questions.

Am I Eating Healthy?

As we have stated this in our series of articles, make sure you eat all the major food components (proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and fats) in the adequate amount. Do not miss to add seeds and nuts such as walnuts, almonds, chia seeds, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, essential fatty acids, vitamins and other nutrients.

If you are a salad lover, make sure you pick the best greens and fruits. Fresh greens such as broccoli, peas, spinach, cabbage and fruits such as apples, bananas, kiwi and oranges serve as the best source of the vitamins and minerals needed by the body. A well hydrated body would support healthy hair and skin both. Therefore, make sure you drink at least 7-8 glasses of water throughout the day.

You may choose to design a diet for yourself that has the adequate amount of all the essential food components or you may choose to request your nutritionists to help you do so. However, in case due to certain dietary restrictions you are unable to channelize the right amount of nutrients to your body, do not restrict yourself from grabbing nutritional supplements for yourself. Some of the nutritional supplements serve as the perfect reservoir of amino acids (both essential as well as non-essential), vitamins and minerals that act as cofactors for hair growth.

Am I providing proper growth environment to my hair?

“I eat healthy, and still I lose hair everyday”. What do you do if you feel this? Well, you can try a few adjuvant therapies such as topical supplements (hair serums/lotions) too. With several such products in the market, you may have the freedom to pick tailored products for your hair. Usually the hair growth serums increase the microcirculation, adds vitality and strengthens the hair strands.

And If I am Still Losing Hair, Which Specialist Can Help Me The Best?

A healthy mane not only adds beauty to one self but also reflects a healthy body and lifestyle. To uproot the cause of hair fall, a thorough analysis (physical and in the laboratory) is a must, and for that one needs to visit a specialist.

If you were to recall the time when you last saw a dermatologist or trichologist for your hair problems, you probably wouldn’t be able to. It is not a good thing because you know what you are missing on but still put it on the “to be ignored list”.

It is important to know that your hair, like other vital organs and systems of the body need your attention when they are not doing too well. Dermatologists and trichologists are the doctors who can help you the best if you are suffering from hair loss. They suggest that if your hair fall occurs for longer than 4 weeks, it is a must to seek medical treatment. Medical advice shall help you fight hair fall better and more effectively and may also trim down the chances of hair loss, which may put you in worse days.

It is important to self-monitor, when it comes to eating right, exercising, and picking the right products. However, it becomes all the more important to proactively seek a dermatologist’s opinion whenever required.

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