Healthy Hair Still A Dream? Here Is What You Need To Know!

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Invest in your hair, because it’s the crown you never take off

Rightly said, but ironically we seem to put in the least of the efforts for a healthy mane, unless we are lucky to get them through our genes. Unhealthy eating, stress, environmental pollution, wrong choice of hair products and hormonal imbalance are some of the most common reasons of hair loss.

Ever wondered if you could combat these problems the easy way, and see yourself swishing those healthy locks? Read on to know what you really need to watch out for…!

Did you know what your hair is made up of? Proteins it is, and for healthy hair you need to have a healthy and protein-rich diet.

How much protein does a healthy human body need?

Well, literature suggests it to be close to 1 g of protein per kg body weight. But how do you get that much of protein? Not that tough though, all you need to do is, clear the unhealthy options off your kitchen shelf and instead add healthy foods rich in vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids and minerals.

A host of essential nutrients such as vitamin A, E and series of vitamin B (B5, B6 and B8) help to add vitality and strength to dull hair. Increase the intake of nuts and seeds such as almonds, walnuts, flaxseeds, fruits such as strawberries, apples, bananas and greens such as spinach, broccoli, kidney beans, salmon, milk products, soy products and whole grains. Healthy diet helps to provide the scalp with nutrient rich blood supply that improves scalp circulation and aids hair growth.

Additionally, the market is flooded with nutritional supplements which serve as an alternate source of both essential & non-essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals & natural extracts. In case you are unable to add healthy food options to your daily diet, you may choose to try some of these preparations.

Once you are eating healthy and your body is being supplied with the right amount of nutrition, what is next that you need to worry about? Yes, it is topical nourishment. Grandma’s tips for healthy locks such as essential oils and DIY home remedies definitely work well in sustaining the hair health. However, in case of rigorous hair loss (alopecia/ telogen effluvium) or absence of hair growth you need to consult a dermatologist and on his opinion, steer the wheel and try some innovative anti hair fall formulations such as fortified serums/lotions.

Hair serum/lotion: Why to pick one?

Lately, the pharmaceutical biggies along with their research team, have paddled well and come to shores with their novel formulations – the hair serums/lotions.

Hair serums/lotions (silicone-based topical), not just work best to add shine and luster to dull hair, but also increase strength and vitality of the hair. Dr. Banashree from Skin & Cosmetic Centre, Jamshedpur, suggests that “use of hair serums is an indispensable preventive measure against dry and damaged hair”. The ingredients of the hair serums/lotions synergistically improve the microcirculation in the scalp and thereby strengthen the hair. Unlike hair oils, they are non- greasy, non-alcoholic and easy to use.

Here is what you need to look for in hair serums/lotions

With several such products making place for themselves on the shelves of the supermalls, make sure you do not get swayed by their cosmetic attributes. Pick a hair serum/lotion that serves as a cocktail of ingredients such as procapil,  melatonin, adenosine, coccocin,  and vitamins such as vitamin B5, B6 and B8. These preparations stimulate the blood supply to the hair follicles, fortify the hair strands and provide better anchorage to the hair follicle. Compounds such as creatine help to initiate hair growth and peptides, such as tetrapeptide can increase hair density.

Is this all that you should be doing, or is there anything else that you must be careful about?

What do you need to say “NO” to, for healthy hair?

If you are a smoker, you need to quit smoking right away. Smoking not only leaches away all the essential nutrients from your body, but specifically is responsible for destroying vitamin C in the body. Vitamin C, an important nutrient that helps to nourish the hair, is destroyed by nicotine. Therefore, for healthy hair and skin, dump that smoke right away!

Are you too stressed all the time? If yes, then it is time for you to opt for recreational hobbies and forms of exercises that shall help to waive off this stress. Remember, stress will only make it worse. It will play around with your hormones and therefore reflect upon in the form of compromised hair and skin health.

Keep away the stress, eat healthy and nutritious foods, and pick the right hair products to nurture your crown so that it shines to make you stand out always!!

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