9 Foods That Are Excellent For Enhancing Your Libido!

9 Foods That Are Excellent For Enhancing Your Libido!

Aphrodisiacs are triggers that get you in the right mood and claim to have libido-boosting tendencies. The romantics often argue if aphrodisiacs work, but science has proven that these nine foods tend to ignite sparks between partners. Here are some foods that are excellent for improving libido and sexual health:


As orgasmic as chocolate is to people it also has chemicals that tend to boost the level of serotonin (feel good hormone) in the system. Dark chocolate can bring one in a sensual mood by spiking dopamine, which intensifies the feeling of pleasure.


Quite a famous aphrodisiac, this zinc-rich food tends to have a great reputation for love making and fertility. Science claims that oysters tend to trigger arousal by inducing amino acids into the blood streams, thereby intensifying desire.


It could be the rich flavour or its sultry pear shape that gave the fruit its aphrodisiac reputation, but science claims that it’s the fruits high levels of Vitamin E that makes it a clear winner in bed. Vitamin E tends to maintain youthful stamina and energy levels that are often required in the sack.


As refreshing as it tastes, Watermelon is said to have a Viagra-like impact on the body. Watermelon tends to improve blood circulation and reduce stress levels by relaxing vessels, which often make it the go-to aphrodisiac for love-making.

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Another very famous aphrodisiac is strawberry which tends to keep the blood pumping by enriching Vitamin C levels in the body. It’s a fruit that flows blood to all parts of the body and maintains regular blood circulation.

Pumpkin Seeds

Not as famous as it counterparts, in the list of aphrodisiacs this magnesium rich food tends to be a powerhouse in bed. The high levels of magnesium tend to raise testosterone thereby ensuring a night filled with pure passion.

Chilli Peppers

Like its symbolic colour red, Chilli peppers also have a scientific backing to its aphrodisiac capabilities. It tends to stimulate the brains feel-good chemical- endorphins so as to kindle feelings of lust and also speed up the heart which incites arousal.


While honey contains ingredients that provide a natural hike in energy levels, it is scientifically proven to be of great help in creating lustful desires. Honey contains boron that is used in regulating oestrogen and testosterone levels within the systems, thereby preparing the body for some playful action.


The fruit is not just an aphrodisiac because of its rich taste, but it is packed with Vitamin A, C and E as well as minerals like magnesium, potassium, iron and more that not only help in regulating the blood flow but also induce feel-good chemicals in the body to ensure a passion filled a session.

While these 9 foods are scientifically proven to heighten libido, there are other decadent foods are not only an appealing to the eyes but also tend to stimulate feelings of longing and love. So resort to these foods, next time you are planning a date or just want sparks to fly.

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