8 Ways You May Be Harming Your Body Everyday

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The daily activities of our life often become habits which we fulfill automatically without thinking. We never wonder if what we are doing on a daily basis has any harmful impact on our bodies or not. Now is a good time to go through some of our daily habits that actually have an adverse effect on our bodies. Since these are activities we do every day of our lives, the accumulated negative effect on our bodies adds up in the long run. Here is how you may be harming your body every day:

1 . Wrong brushing technique

Never brush your teeth immediately after eating something acidic like lemon, orange, and milk. It can destroy the enamel of teeth. Use a soft brush to clean your teeth twice a day.

2 . Not breathing right

Yes, that’s right. Our most basic requirement for survival is often done incorrectly. Most of us are guilty of shallow breathing, that is using only the upper part of the chest to breathe. Deep breathing that involves not just the chest but the stomach has a positive effect on the body like lowering stress and blood pressure and increasing stamina.

3 . Washing your hair daily

Washing your hair every day is not recommended. This is because it washes away the oil of the scalp which then causes the scalp to produce sebum. Sebum makes the hair greasy. Washing your hair twice or thrice a week is enough.

4 . Sitting for hours

No matter how much exercise you do, it turns out that sitting for long stretches in a day can decrease life expectancy and increase the risk of lifestyle diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular risk. Make sure that you get up from that work desk to take a short brisk walk every hour.

5 . Too much exercise

This one will come as a surprise. Apparently, working out every day of the week can lead to over-exertion of the body. This will harm the body more than the benefits of exercise. Four days of moderate exercise in a week is enough.

6 . Not getting enough sleep

The importance of getting enough sleep is well-known but still, the majority of working adults cut back on sleep to work, watch TV or stare at computer screens. Research has shown that a lack of sleep affects memory, creativity, and learning. Lack of sleep causes irreversible changes to our body which cannot be made up with more sleep later.

7 . Avoiding certain food groups

With the advent of many diets that stress only on certain food groups like protein and recommend cutting out others completely like carbohydrates and fats, it is important to remember that the body needs all the food groups and it is never a good idea to skip one group altogether.

8 . Using antimicrobial soaps

Using anti-microbial soaps tends to wash out the good bacteria which are needed by our bodies to fight off infection. This is also true for hand sanitizers. Do not over-use these products.

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