8 Amazing Tips For Healthy And Strong Hair During Summers

8 Amazing Tips For Healthy And Strong Hair During Summers

Summer sun. Blazing hot. Scorching heat. We often hear these words during the summer weather, especially in the Indian sub-terrain. Not only the temperature, but the subsequent UV exposure, dirt, pollution, and sweat promise a damaging effect to the hair and scalp. We tend to wash our hair at short intervals to avoid sweat and dirt accumulation which reduces the hair strength and increases hair fall. In addition, not using the right hair care products for the season further worsens hair quality.

So how do you take care of your hair during the summer season? Well! You must not let summers be a reason for you to worry about hair loss. There are many simple but promising ways of maintaining healthy hair despite the scorching heat:

1. Shampoo and condition: Keep your hair and scalp clean and fresh to avoid any sweat accumulation as that may cause itchy and flaky scalp, and uncontrolled hair fall. If you are on hair loss treatment, using shampoos that compliment these treatments can work wonders for you falling hair during summers.

2. Additional hair products: Products that ensure replenishing, hydrating and moisturizing the hair and scalp should be preferred over those that guarantee bouncy or voluminous hair. Use hair serums and lotions to thicken the hair shaft and improve the quality of damaged hair.

3. While going for a swim: Chemicals like chlorine and salt may strip off the natural moisture from hair strands. It is advisable to cover them with a cap.

4. Take extra care of treated hair: They require ultimate care and maintenance. Use specific products meant for your particular category of treatment. Cover your head while going out and avoid overexposure of sunlight to minimize the damaging effects of blazing sun.

5. Increase fluid intake: Water helps in maintaining equilibrium in the body, especially during summers when it is being constantly lost in the form of sweat. Replenishing the body with an adequate water intake counterbalances any damage.

6. Be healthy from inside: The most important way to keep hair healthy is to supply them with essential nutrients, either through a balanced diet or by taking nutritional supplements.

7. Flaunt a hair-do: Instead of loosening your tresses completely, it is advisable to indulge in some trendy and innovative styles like ponytails, or buns or a variety of braids. Besides minimizing the damaging effects of heat, they help reduce sweat accumulation, and subsequent frizz.

8. Use sun shielding methods: Using a scarf while coming out in sun is the best way to prevent any damaging effects of the scorching heat. Further, using conditioners having sunscreen with higher SPF can also provide the additional masking effect.

Following these simple tips can prevent hair loss in summers and restore the natural lustre and bounce of your hair.

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