7 Ways How Eating Too Less Can Harm Your Health


The concept of crash dieting is not really new. Crash dieting is essentially a diet regime wherein you lose a lot of weight in a short span of time. Whether it’s a family wedding or a festival, crash dieting may seem to be the best option at hand to look the perfect you. Plenty of crash diets are available in the market be it cabbage diet, grapefruit diet or even a baby food diet! The crash diet may suddenly boosts your confidence with the skinny look temporarily but it is extremely unhealthy with dangerous health implications. Here are some of the hazards of crash dieting:

1 . Weak Immune System

When it comes to crash dieting, the first impact is definitely on the immune system. When you embark on the low calorie journey, be also prepared for cough, colds and infections on the way.

2 . Strain On Body

Our body needs time to adapt to anything new. Crash dieting puts a lot of strain on the body as you suddenly stop supplying the calories it is used to consuming at specific intervals of time. This leads to a lot of pressure on the body to cope up with much less than it needs for the metabolic activities.

3 . Risk Of Depression

Less food means less nutrition. When the nutrition levels of the body goes down, the brain is confused as to how to react. Depression and anxiety is often accompanied with a crash diet and you must be careful before venturing into one.

 4 . Organ Damage

It is also difficult for your body organs to manage with prolonged crash dieting. The adrenal glands, heart muscles, brain, hormone production and other vital organs of a healthy human being are heavily impacted and lead to abnormalities later in life.

5 . Sudden Weight Gain Afterwards

A crash diet to the body is like days of hunger for an empty stomach. When the diet regime ends, you are bound to eat more than usual. This feeling of forced starvation leads to an increased intake of fats and unhealthy food later which may increase your waistline again.

6 . Energy Loss

Though it may be a great option for those who want to shed a lot of kilos, it may also induce considerable weakness in you. Sudden weight loss programs may pull you out of your normal work making you feel stripped of energy and vigor.

7 . Muscle Damage

Crash diet actually leads to loss of a lot of muscle. This may eventually impair bone health, and increases the overall risk of disease at a later time.

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A crash diet is a very restrictive diet plan and is usually unsustainable and dangerous for your body in the long term. You should always opt for slow, gradual and sustained weight loss.While you may be very excited about a quick weight loss, you should also consider the downsides of it while planning for weight reduction. A crash diet is often not done under medical supervision and therefore increases the risks associated with it. Have a balanced and nutritious diet and exercise for 30 minutes daily for a healthy and fit body. Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy!

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2 thoughts on “7 Ways How Eating Too Less Can Harm Your Health

  1. Bharat Sharma

    Very well said. Both losing weight and gaining weight effects our health and for this reason it is important for us to make sure that we lose weight or gain weight in a planned manner. Losing many pounds in a short span of time or gaining many pounds in a short span of time are very dangerous for our health. The best way to lose or gain weight is lose or gain one pounds a week. In extereme cases, losing or gaining two pounds a week is also acceptable but not more than that.

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