Roti or Rice : Which is the Healthier option for You?



Stuck in a constant battle of choosing between roti and rice? Roti and rice are the two most commonly consumed staple foods of the Indian population. Both are filling, delicious and a must in every household. While there is no harm in having your preferences between the two, we will help you choose better for a healthier you! Read on to find out more.

Let’s Understand the Benefits of Having the Humble Roti,

In most of the households, roti is made from wheat flour. Healthier versions of roti include missi roti, bajra roti, ragi roti or jowar roti.

1 . Wheat flour is around 4 to 5 times higher in protein than brown and white rice

2 . It is higher in carbohydrate content by almost 3 times and in potassium content by as much as 10 times

3 . It has the lowest glycemic Index when compared to brown & white rice. The lower the glycemic index, the longer the blood sugar levels are maintained in the body

4 .  Roti contains 6 times more dietary fiber content than brown and white rice. This means roti will keep you full for longer

And the Benefits of Rice,

When we have rice, we tend to have it with dals, vegetables or curd and these accompaniments add to the health benefits of rice.

1 . Brown rice has a higher fiber content and micronutrient content than white rice. However, due to the presence of phytates in brown rice, absorption of nutrients is a little difficult as phytates combine with minerals and make them unavailable

2 . If you want to feel full while having fewer calories, brown rice is a better option than white rice

3 . From a nutritional point of view, there is not much of a difference between taking white rice or brown rice


Roti or Rice, If you are a diabetic or a heart patient,  

It is better for you to choose roti over rice owing to rotis lower glycemic index and higher fibre content.

Roti or Rice, If your goal is to lose weight or maintain an ideal weight,

Roti is a better option for you.

If you are lean and want to put on some weight,

You can enjoy the yummy white rice in moderation.

And If you are a rice lover,

If you are a rice person and want to continue relishing it, and at the same time you are aiming at weight loss, then have rice in very less quantity and go for brown rice instead of white rice.


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For Rest of us, Moderation is the Key

You could enjoy both roti and rice as long as you are having them in moderation.

– Try to restrict your carbohydrate intake to two meals a day and not more than 2 servings each time. (a small katori of cooked rice or 1 roti with each meal)

– Include carbohydrates in your meals after exercise or workout to help your body recover better

– Limit your carbohydrate intake at dinner

– Fill your plate with protein rich food and lots of greens and salads. They will fill you up help in cutting down your carbohydrate cravings

– Remember that when you have a carbohydrate rich meal, make your next meal protein rich with minimum carbohydrates

Choose wisely and stay healthy!

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10 thoughts on “Roti or Rice : Which is the Healthier option for You?

  1. S Majumder

    I have tried to replace part carbohydrate (roti/rice) with salads but I feel hungry sooner.

    So what is the way out ???

  2. S Majumder

    Further I have noticed that during hunger pangs drinking hot and strong black tea temporarily supress hunger pangs.

    Also taking a glass of water during meals helps feeling full with lesser qty of food. Though I don’t know whether it is healthy option.

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