5 Greens To Add To Your Daily Diet That Aid Weight Loss

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With our fast paced lifestyle and lack of physical activity, we are prone to weight gain. Since several lifestyle diseases are linked to being overweight, having a healthy body weight is the first step towards improving your overall health. One of the healthy ways of losing weight is by having a healthy and balanced diet. By adding greens to your diet, you can stay fuller for longer since they are packed with fiber and are low on carbs.

Here are some greens that can help you lose weight:

1 . Broccoli

-Sulforaphane found in broccoli helps in the production of enzymes in the body that burn fat.

High in fiber, it improves digestion and keeps you feel full for longer thereby cutting down on excessive intake of calories.

-Additionally, broccoli also contains significant amounts of Vitamin C that helps maintain immunity, lowers cholesterol, removes toxins from the body therefore is a suggested greens for your diet meals.

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Ways To Use

-Steam broccoli florets and eat as a side to any dish, or stir-fry with other vegetables, with a drizzle of olive oil and herbs for flavor.

2 . Cabbage

-Alike broccoli, cabbage also contains sulforaphane that helps in burning fat. In addition, cabbage is extremely low in calories with half cup boiled cabbage containing only 17 calories.

-High on fiber and vitamin C apart from a host of other nutrients like calcium, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin K and magnesium, cabbage surely serves as an ingredient for your daily lunch

Ways To Use

-You can stir fry cabbage with meat or other other vegetables

-You can have it in cabbage soup, dumplings, and salads.

3 . Lettuce

-Romaine lettuce, mild on flavor, it contains a lot of healthy nutrients in addition to being low on calories.

-Rich in fiber, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin K, iron and Omega 3 fatty acids, a cup of lettuce contains only 6-8 calories.

-Lettuce also eliminates bile salts from the body which the body makes again by breaking down cholesterol.

Ways To Use 

-Versatile as a food, it can be incorporated into any dish. You can use the crunchy leaf in salads with chicken and tuna or can also add it to your daily salads.

4 . Spinach

-Studies have proven that thylakoids present in spinach slows down digestion and thereafter convey signals to the brain suggesting a full stomach.

-Kids might hate eating spinach, but spinach contains a host of essential nutrients that also helps you lose weight. Eating spinach will ensure that your body is not starved while you try to lose weight since it is a rich source of essential vitamins and minerals

Ways To Use

-You can eat spinach in a number of ways, such as including it in a smoothie, as part of salads, stir fry with garlic and pine nuts or as frittata with cheese and corn.

-Among Indian dishes you have a host of choices ranging from palak paneer, Corn palak to palak alone. 

5 . Avocado

-Studies suggest that avocado leads to a decrease in waistline and lowers the body mass index (BMI).

-It aids in decreasing the LDL or bad cholesterol and is itself high in fiber, and contains a range of essential vitamins such as Vitamin K and antioxidants.

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Ways To Use

-You can eat slices of avocado with a dip or add it to your daily salad.

-You can substitute your cooking oil with avocado oil, for the fact that the monosaturated fats of avocado aid in the absorption of vitamins and also lowers cholesterol.

So, go ahead and add these greens to your grocery list rather than opting for diets that do more harm than good. Eat Healthy, Stay Happy!

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