5 Relaxation Techniques To Fight Stress And Anxiety

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Meditation and relaxation techniques have not gained as much popularity as yoga has in recent times. This majorly is because most people believe stress to be an uncontrollable part of modern life or do not give mental health its due attention. Being in a constant state of stress can harm the body in many ways that include decreasing immunity, increasing blood pressure, affecting cardiac health, causing muscle soreness and general irritability all the time.

Some age old practices like meditation, tai chi and breathing exercises can help in reducing stress and anxiety.

1 . Meditation

-Mindful meditation practiced by focusing on the present and observing your thoughts as they come, can help in reducing anxiety caused by worrying thoughts about the past and future.

-Sit in a comfortable position with your eyes closed and back straight and focus on your breathing.

-If you are a beginner, you can follow the instructions for guided meditations available online.

2 . Body Scan

-Another kind of meditation in which you focus on every part of your body starting from your head and go down to the toes.

-Gradually, as you move from the head to toe, you observe the stress in muscles and willingly try to relax them.

-This can be done by sitting or lying down comfortably and closing your eyes. The benefits of this meditative technique is scientifically backed by research.

3 . Tai Chi

-An ancient Chinese form of exercise and meditation, it comprises of continuous mindful movements of the body.

-It is a low impact exercise that can be done by older people too.

-Since the focus is on the movements of the body, it has a calming effect on the mind by stopping the barrage of worrying thoughts.

4 . Music

-Studies have shown that music can change the physical symptoms of stress by decreasing blood pressure, reducing anxiety and regularizing the heartbeat.

-Soft, soothing music or natural sounds like the sound of a brook, the sea or rain can be used to combat anxiety.

-Loud, upbeat music can also work in case of some people.

5 . Deep Breathing

-Another proven remedy to lower stress and anxiety is deep breathing. It has shown to lower blood pressure and relax the heart muscles.

-You can take long deep inhales and exhales accompanied by counting.

-Pranayama, that involves alternate nostril breathing, can also be practiced in the morning. It helps in increasing focus and reducing stress.

Ignoring the symptoms of a stressed out mind will only worsen the situation.The mind-body connect for overall well-being is now a well-established fact. So, go ahead and try these techniques and begin to live a stress free life from today! Live Healthy, Stay Happy!


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