6 Alternative Treatments To Relieve Chronic Pain

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Chronic pain is amongst the most common forms of pain that affect many of us. Characteristically, this pain generally lasts over several months (3 to 6 months), however the signals of chronic pain remain active in the nervous system for months to years. Statistics suggest that close to 30% of the Indian population is afflicted with chronic pain that includes pain in joints, back, neck, muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves.


Some of the commonly practiced natural ways to treat chronic pain are:

1 . Acupuncture

Native to and practiced in China and Asian countries, it is defined as a scientifically backed technique that involves stimulation of points on the human body using different ways.

-This technique involves penetrating the skin with thin, solid, metallic needles manually or by electrical stimulation.

-Research suggested acupuncture to be beneficial in certain chronic pains such as low back pain, neck pain and osteoarthritis pain (knee pain)

-It has been found to reduce the frequency of tension headaches and thereby prevent migraine and headache.

2 . Chiropractic Or Spinal Manipulative Therapy

-It is best defined as a treatment done using hands. It is based on the principal that body’s structure (specifically spine) and its function affects the overall health.

-Therapy involves manipulation of the spinal cord by applying a controlled force to a joint of the spine (the affected regions) using hands or device.

-Practiced by chiropractors, osteopathic physicians, physical therapists and some doctors, it has been found to relieve pain and improve the physical functioning of the back/ neck.

-It has been found to benefit people with low back pain, headaches, neck pain, upper and lower extremity joint conditions.

3 . Massage Therapy

-Massage Therapy involves pressing and gradually rubbing of the muscles and soft tissues with the fingers and hands. It may also include deep circular movements, vibrations, tappings and long strokes.

-Dated back to thousands of years, massage therapy was amongst the preferred treatments in China, Japan, India and Egypt.

-It is based on the concept of applying pressure on the trigger points (areas that are painful) and therefore assisting pain relief. Usually it is done using essential oils such as eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil and sandalwood oil.

-It has been found to be beneficial in helping chronic neck pain, osteoarthritic pain, painful blood clots formed during cancer therapy and headaches.

4 . Tai Chi

-Tai Chi is an age old practice that involves the certain body postures that can be adapted and practised while walking, standing or sitting.

-It involves postures and movements that involves breathing, relaxing and mental focus.

-A study conducted by the Nation Institute of Health (US) suggest that Tai Chi was found to be beneficial for Parkinsons’ patients in maintaining balance, stability and coordinated movements for daily life.

-It has been found to be beneficial in reducing pain of osteoarthritis, chronic neck and backpain.

5 . Qi Gong

-Alike Tai Chi, it is an ancient Chinese practice integrating physical postures, breathing and meditation

-The gentle rhythmic movements of the therapy help in building stamina, increasing vitality, healing the body and relieving chronic pains.

-It has been found to be beneficial in relieving chronic neck pain. As per a study, patients were involved in exercises such as throwing and catching a ball, rowing and climbing movements, swinging of arms and stretching.

6 . Yoga

-With its origin from Indian philosophy, Yoga focuses on mindful exercise where a person’s attention is on the body or breathing and eases away worrying or depressing thoughts from the mind. Alongside, it has also been found to be beneficial for relieving alternative pain.

Restorative Yoga that involves yoga poses and healing through relaxation techniques with conscious breathing has been found to benefit chronic pain patients.

-Yoga strengthens and adds flexibility to your overall body including your back and neck muscles.

So, before picking those pain-relievers,try these alternative natural ways to treat chronic pains. Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

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