Stressed? Try These 6 Amazing Ways To Battle Chronic Stress Effectively!

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With so much to take care of, one often finds it hard to cope with situations that are beyond control. When the expectations piled over you, exceeds your ability to cope with, it causes stress. Excess of stress takes a severe emotional toll and can lead to serious health consequences that affect the immune, cardiovascular and nervous system.


Here are 6 effective ways to manage chronic stress

1 . Regular Workout 

-Regular exercise provides improved health, better sleep and more energy leading to the ability to counter stress attacks.

-While exercising, the body’s stress hormone – cortisol and adrenaline – are reduced, while endorphins, the body’s natural pain killers and also known as the ‘Happy Hormones’ are stimulated.

2 . Deep Breathing

-Ever wondered you are asked to deep breathe when in stress? Deep, slow, full breaths have a profound effect on resetting the stress response because the relaxation nerve – also known as the Vagus Nerve – goes thru our diaphragm and is activated with every breath.

-Sit aside for a few minutes and deep breathe. Close your eyes breathe deeply to a count of 5 and exhale to a count of 5. Repeat this 5 times and feel the difference.

3 . Acupressure

-Try Acupressure for a quick stress release. Massage the fleshy part between the thumb and the index finger of one hand for 30 seconds with the thumb and the first two fingers of the other hand.

-Clinical trials show that acupressure significantly reduces cortisol, heart rate, blood pressure and depression and has been found to be the most effective alternative treatment for chronic stress.

4 . Self Help 

-At times, when you feel totally overwhelmed and stressed, opt to be with yourself to introspect and treat your own self.

-Try cocooning by gently placing both your hands side by side on your face. Fingers gently resting on your closed eyelids for a few minutes. It quietens the mind, making you feel more composed and ready to face the world again.

5 . Herbal Healers

-Herbs that calm the mind include passion flower, chamomile, and kava and those that reduce stress levels include liquorice and ginseng.

-Experts praise chamomile as a wonderful remedy for stress. A cup of seeped chamomile tea had daily can keep one calm and relaxed. You can try Lavender oil, also known as the calming oil, by adding to the bath water.

6 . Incense Sticks 

-Studies suggest that a healthy surrounding has been found to greatly affect one’s state of mind. Lighting some incense sticks such as sandalwood or mogra also creates a conducive atmosphere to reduce stress levels.

-The sense of smell bypasses the cognitive brain (the bit that does the worrying) and induces relaxation.

So, go ahead and try these natural and effective ways to help fight chronic stress. Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

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