5 Reasons To Include Squat Exercises To Your Exercise Regime!

5 Reasons To Include Squat Exercises To Your Exercise Regime

Think of getting fit, and amongst the very few exercises that would strike ones’ mind would be “squats”. Squats do not require any special equipment and you can do them pretty much anywhere.They can be a part of a holistic workout that could suit everyone, regardless of age, gender or fitness goals. Difficult to perform. surprisingly they are just not for the legs but serves well for the overall body. Even if you hate squats, there are many good reasons to include them in your exercise program.

Here is Why Squats Should Be A Part Of Your Exercise Regime:

1 . Strengthens Your Lower Back 

Squats help to strengthen and tone the glutes, hamstrings, and calves. Regular squats, performed in the right manner, helps to add definition to the lower body. Strengthening these muscles can improve mobility and balance thereby reducing the risk of injuries.

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2 . Improves Bone Health 

Weighted squats increase bone mineral density in the spine and neck. Squats have been shown to strengthen the joints along with the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. They also increase mobility and prevent joint issues as you age.

3. Increases Body and Muscle Strength 

Squats help to build strong legs that help to support the entire body. If you squat in the right manner, the body tends to release testosterone and the human growth hormone both of which are vital for building muscle and increasing muscle mass. These muscles help to regulate glucose and insulin sensitivity and prevent obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

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4 . Improves Blood Circulation

Have you ever experienced a ‘dead leg’, numbness, tingling in your leg? Poor circulation could be the reason for the same. The circulatory system relies heavily on bodily movements in order to function properly. A few sets of squats done daily will have your heart pounding and your blood pumping at its optimum level.

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5 . Helps Maintain A Good Body Posture 

Squats utilize muscle of the upper back and draw on muscles in both the front and back of the body. This adds up to strengthening those muscles that are required for a healthy posture.  Squats can also alleviate the posture-damaging effects of sitting at a desk all day long by improving hip health.

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