10 Fascinating Facts About Human Body We Bet You Didn’t Know!

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The Human body is a marvel, everything about it is purposeful and there for a reason. And while medicine and science can explore the insides to understand the workings of a very complex system, here are some lesser known facts about the human body.

1 . Mangoes, jasmine, coffee powder and more! The human nose can remember more than 50,000 scents and it distinguishes a trillion scents according to researchers from Rockefeller University. Smells are detected when the receptors in our nose latch on to the odor molecules released and signal the brain. 75% to 95% of taste is made of smell.

2 . We shed skin at the rate of 600,000 cells per hour! Our epidermis is self-rejuvenating by pushing the new cells to replace old dead skin.

3 . Our body has enough iron to make a 3-inch nail. Iron is an important part of blood and blood vessels. It is essential as it performs many metabolic activities such as oxygen and electron transport and synthesizing DNA. An adult stores 1-3mg of Iron in their body.

4 . Ears and nose never stop growing. Studies show that ears grow by .22millimeters every year. Our ears & noses are made up of cartilage cells which divide further as we age and therefore grow as we age. Gravity plays a role as well to sagging and increasing size further.

5 . We spend 10% of our waking hours blinking. Adults blink 10-20 times a minute. Blinking helps clear dust and debris from our eyes and also keeping them moisturized for effective vision. In addition, blinking also stimulates the brain to focus and assimilate external information.

6 . Our brain keeps developing till the late 40’s. New research from the UK shows our brain keeps growing well into our 30s and late 40s. The prefrontal cortex which is responsible for decision-making and social behavior and awareness continues to grow and change shape researchers claimed.

7 . Infant’s hair contains traces of gold and other minerals. Researchers have found in the first 3 months an infant’s hair has increasing quantities of zinc, copper, manganese and gold.

8 . Scientists have found a new organ called mesentery. Earlier thought to be part of the digestive system, scientists have concluded it to be one continuous organ. It connects the intestine to the abdomen though its function is still being discovered.

9 . We have unique tongue prints. Our tongue and teeth are as unique as a fingerprint. Our tongue is also the strongest muscle in our body working as tirelessly as our hearts and performing a variety of functions.

10 . We are made of stardust. The atoms we are made of is stardust which are a billion years old with hydrogen, carbon, oxygen and heavier elements like iron which were blasted through space during Big Bang and creation of stars.

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